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5 Things You Can Do to Impress Your House Guests

A couple walks in and happily greets their friend on the couch sipping on wine. The husband closes the door behind them.

5 Things You Can Do to Impress Your House Guests

We all do it, right? When receiving house guests, it’s typical for us to go beyond our everyday cleaning routine to impress our guests.

Whether your guests will be staying for a short or long period, it will make you feel good if you give them the best experience of staying in your home.

For sure, you’ve had house guests before, so you know some of the drills.

In addition to what you already know, here are some ideas to leave a good impression on your guests.

1. Deep Clean Your House

Clean your house as thoroughly as possible. Start cleaning from the ceiling down. To clean the ceiling or top areas, you can use a paint roller.

If you have old clothes that you don’t plan on using again, dampen them with water, and use it to cover the paint roller.

Then you can use this DIY tool to clean hard-to-reach areas.

For the floors, sweep or use a vacuum to remove the dust.

Be sure to vacuum the floors thoroughly because clean floors make your home safe for the guests to stay.

Just remember: Spills or liquids can cause slips, so be careful with that.

If the floor carpet has stains, use a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and water to remove the stains.

In the bathroom, use a pleasant smelling air freshener.

When cleaning, cover all the areas of your home. Some areas that need cleaning are:

  • Windows
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Backyard and front yard

 2. Make Your Home Cozy

If you’ve been searching for house cleaning hacks to impress your guests, know that cleaning is only one part of your preparation.

Another thing you should do as a host is to create a cozy atmosphere for your lovely guests.

People stay in coffee shops for several hours because they love the cozy ambiance and atmosphere.

You want to achieve the same atmosphere for your home.

When thinking about your guests, keep in mind the kind of cozy feeling you get whenever you walk into your favorite coffee shop.

Work on creating that similar atmosphere in your home that your guests would love to come back to.

Here are some ways to make your home cozy:

  • Change your curtains to curtains with warm colors, such as blue and purple
  • Add indoor plants in your living room, guest bedroom, or bathroom
  • Install a mini bookshelf with books and magazines in one corner
  • Set up a bowl of sweets on the center table of your living room

3. Give Your Guests A Detailed Home Tour

Avoid making your guests feel like they are in a stranger’s home. You don’t want your guests to act in a constrained and awkward manner around your house.

Instead, explore ways to make your guests feel comfortable. To achieve this, give them a house tour the second they enter your home.

Point out the direction to the kitchen, bathroom, or backyard, so they know where to go when they need to.

You’ll be saving them the hassle of constantly asking you for directions.

Additionally, give your guests instructions in operating complicated television sets or consoles, showers, security systems, and other home equipment or tools that have special instructions.

By doing all of these, you will make your guests feel at home.

4. Have The Essentials Ready

If your guests are staying for a day or more, it’s important to provide them with the basic needs while they stay in your home.

Have essential guest room items on hand.

Stock your bathroom essentials with shampoo, body soap, and other hygiene products.

For the bedroom, provide clean and soft pillows and blankets.

Moreover, ensure the room temperature is appropriate for sleeping. If it’s winter, make sure you have a heater and thermostat in your house to keep your guests warm.

If the weather is too hot, turn on the air conditioner at night at a good temperature.

It also helps if you stock up on enough bottled water and goods in your kitchen, so visitors can have snacks at any time.

5. Offer Fun Activities

While your guests are staying in your house, create good moments with them. Offer fun things to do.

Some activities you can do are:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Grilling barbeque in the backyard
  • Playing card games in the porch

Remember, your guests may be old friends, colleagues, or relatives. Spending their time in your home is a good opportunity for you to bond and create happy moments with them.

If it’s possible, take some time off of work. Use the time off to entertain and care for your guests.

By doing so, your guests will remember their great experience in your home long after their stay.

Are you ready for guests?

Being a good host will touch your guests’ hearts in a way that they’ll want to pay it forward to their house guests.

Providing your guests with a clean home to stay in and a good experience even for a brief period will make your guests feel special.

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After all, that is what it is all about. Having good times and enjoying the company of our loved ones, right?

Do you have any tips on how to impress your house guests?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A couple walks in and happily greets their friend on the couch sipping on wine. The husband closes the door behind them. A banner reads, "5 things to do to impress your house guests."

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