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Find Balance for School Lunches with Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! #ApproveThisLunchBox

Finding Balance for School Lunches and Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! #ApproveThisLunchBox

Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares!

It’s safe to say that school is in full swing, we are in our second week and we say bring it on! To be honest, as much as I loved the lax nature of summer, I do appreciate a good routine and more day-to-day structure.

One of the many things that are part of our every day routine is making healthy and balanced lunches that the girls will love.

We have always been adamant on our girls living an 80/20 life. Eating healthy and wholesome foods 80% of the time and the other 20% being kids and enjoying foods that kids really like! It’s all about finding a balance, right? Gabby and Mimi are both used to making better choices and are accustomed to us buying foods that are better for them. It’s just a part of their lifestyle.

Finding Balance for School Lunches and Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! #ApproveThisLunchBox

Fuel Those Bodies!

The girls are pretty active throughout the entire day and that can build up an appetite. When they don’t have a warm lunch, they have sandwiches. Either soy butter and jam or a turkey or ham sandwich. They love it when we make them into pockets in different shapes and it makes them handheld too!

Of course, they love their fruits and veggies–so we pack a variety. We also send along yogurt and water for the day. To drink with their lunch, they get a choice of an apple juice or milk. According to Mimi and Gabby, the cherry on top of an already awesome lunch is their treat. 

Finding Balance for School Lunches and Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares! #ApproveThisLunchBox

Enter Brown Rice Rice Krispies Squares!

The girls have always loved Rice Krispies squares and I love the fact that they are 90 calories and make for a delicious snack. I will often sneak 1 or 2 from them and enjoy them myself. I act nonchalant when questioned too. Shhh!

But, guess what? Kellogg’s has made an already favorite snack that kids enjoy and made it even better. Now there is the option to get Brown Rice Rice Krispies squares made with brown rice that are 80 calories, have no artificial flavours and contain 8 grams of whole grain per serving. Get more information, here.

Blind Taste Test Time!

I sampled them and the only difference that I noticed is the slightly darker color and small change in texture. They still maintain the same delicious taste.

So, how did the kids like them? Mimi didn’t notice the difference and she has enjoyed them in her lunches. Gabby noticed the small difference but, she loved them just the same. Watch her video above and see her taste the squares for the first time and see what she thinks!

Balance is something that we all strive to achieve and even though we may not ever obtain the PERFECT balance, it’s all about finding the right balance that works for you and your family. I’m happy that they can continue enjoying wholesome lunches that includes one of their favorite snacks.

I’m a mom and I #ApproveThisLunchbox…

Do your kids love Rice Krispies squares in their lunch?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I agree in life everything should be done in moderation and that includes giving kids healthy and sweet snacks in their lunches! Also you had me at Rice Krispie treats –one of our favorites!

  2. Totally loving the idea of brown Rice Krispie Squares! And also, that lunch you put up looks so healthy and delicious!

  3. These are going to be perfect for the kids school lunches. I will have to pick some up tomorrow. I was wondering if they tasted different.

  4. My kids love Rice Krispies treats. I will have to pick some of these ones up to try. I am glad they have the same great taste.

  5. I will have to look for these tomorrow when i go to do groceries. I did not know you could get them made with brown rice. The kids will be so happy.

  6. I love having this option to make lunches or snacks healthier! Your lunchbox looks great and even as a grownup I would love to open it up!

  7. This is exciting. Brown rice is so much better for you and when treats are made just a bit healthier everyone wins.

  8. I love how they have made these treats a little healthier. Every decision counts and I would def buy these for my three.

  9. I use to love eating Rice Krispies treats when growing up and I think you did a really good job at balancing the lunch box and giving a variety.

  10. My kids LOVE rice kripsie treats! These look and sound delicious had no idea there was brown rice krispies! My kids would love them! Perfect for the lunch boxes!

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