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Top Spots for Vegetarians in Buenos Aires. #travel

Top Spots for Vegetarians in Buenos Aires. #travel

Top Spots for Vegetarians in Buenos Aires

A mecca for meat-eaters, Buenos Aires is world renowned for its grass-fed beef and buttery soft leather. Yet the vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly mainstreamed in this cosmopolitan capital. You can now enjoy more than just the Malbec on a night out on the town. From the vegan-friendly restaurants in Chinatown to the local markets laden with fresh produce, there are now plenty of options to choose from.  The following are a few top picks that are free from any sign of beef on the menu and will keep you coming back for more.


A relatively new vegan restaurant conveniently located in one of Buenos Aires’s most tourist-oriented areas near the central Obelisco, Picnic excels in breakfast and lunch options. You’ll find veggie burgers, stir-fried bowls of vegetables, quinoa salads, and whole wheat muffins alongside fresh juice and a range of coffees. Lines can get long during the lunch rush, but they move quickly.

Los Sabios

Buenos Aires is a budget-friendly city, and there are many ways to stretch your pesos. This includes staying at hostels, shopping in markets, using prepaid cards from providers like www.lebara.co.uk to call home, and filling up for the day at one of the city’s multitudes of vegetarian buffets. One of the most spacious and varied in its cuisine is Los Sabios, located in the Abasto neighbourhood.

For just 23 pesos you can load up your plate with unlimited helpings from the hot and cold buffet sections, which combine salads, Chinese dishes, pastries, and pasta selections to choose from. There’s also a station to make dumplings on demand and a dessert bar to finish off a satisfying vegetarian meal. Many selections are also vegan, particularly in the cold bar section.

Buenos Aires Verde

There’s an emphasis on raw food at Verde, which is located in the chic Palermo neighbourhood. The restaurant utilizes organic ingredients whenever possible, including raw crepes, large mixed salads, and a platter of nut cheese. From curries to freshly baked bread, there’s a crowd-pleasing selection in elegant surroundings. You can visit the small shop to take away some locally produced olive oil or raw vegan desserts to enjoy in your hotel room.

Top Spots for Vegetarians in Buenos Aires. #travel

Almacen Purista

A bright, airy restaurant that focuses on local culinary traditions, Almacen Purista offers an all-natural and all-vegetarian selection of stews, pasta dishes, and pastries. There’s a delicious selection of empanadas, stuffed with everything from cheese to corn. Rather than the regular breaded beef or chicken cutlet, you’ll find “milanesas” created from aubergines or soy patties. Vegan options include stewed lentils and quinoa medallions, along with a range of homemade pastas.

La Catedral

Aside from beef and wine, Buenos Aires is most often associated with tango. La Catedral is a traditional milonga housed in a funky warehouse, stuffed with shabby chic furniture and Christmas lights. 

If you prefer to soak in the atmosphere without dancing, you can enjoy their fully vegetarian menu. It includes a range of whole wheat pizzas, veggie empanadas, and tapas-style starters.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste or style when visiting Buenos Aires as a vegetarian. These restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg, as the organic and vegetarian food scene continues to grow.

What do you look for in cuisine when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. Fantastic timing, a friend who is also a vegetarian is going there in a few months – sharing the post with her!!! πŸ™‚

  2. It is always nice to find unique food choices when you travel. We try to find regional cuisine wherever we go. And try to avoid stuff that is TOO heavy…weighs you down and saps your energy!

  3. This is a great resource for vegetarians! when I travel I look for great tasting food that doesn't cost too much and is easy to find/access

  4. Wow – these wonderful menu selections make me want to go to Buenos Aires – now!! Also that it is budget friendly. I always look for healthy choices, while being a little bit adventurous – I won't say really adventurous – as I'm squeamish about anything way out there! I'm so hungry now. I know people who hop a plane to go to another country to shop for the weekend and enjoy the local food – I'd do that it I could and stop at all these places!!!!

  5. If we ever travel to Buenos Aires I'll know where to eat. Looks like you've found some delicious restaruants.

  6. My mouth is watering! I want to be on the next flight to Buenos Aires!
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  7. When I think of Argentina, I think of beef, so it is nice to have vegetarian options available too. Thank you for sharing!
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  8. I usually sacrifice my dietary preferences when I travel, as I want to indulge in local fare. For those whose dietary choices aren't "choices", I know it can be difficult to find places where they can eat. It's great to see options popping up everywhere!

  9. Yummy! Some great selections there. I sometimes eat vegetarian while travelling if I am unsure what type of meat they are using.
    Love the pictures!

  10. Thank you for sharing, its great to have a listing of vegan restaurants for when you travel.

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