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Amazing Food and Good Eats and Treats in Massachusetts! #XploreMass and Indulge While You Travel!


Amazing Food and Good Eats and Treats in Massachusetts.
It goes hand in hand.

In fact, whenever we travel, we admittedly plan our itinerary around activities as well as restaurants or good eats that we want to experience. While Hubby and I have an eye for fine dining, exquisite seafood, tender filet mignon and delicious pastries–we love visiting popular eats and dives!

I think everywhere we traveled, we plan what we want to do and research famous or popular restaurants or stands that are in the same vicinity. Sometimes, we even make it a point to drive out of our way to try something new and something we want to try. Gotta love Guy Fieri and Man Vs. Food to discover delicious culinary.


The Bay and The Riches In It.

While we love the fine dining when we travel, Boston is known for it’s clam chowder and sometimes these amazing eats and treats are offered in little “holes in the wall” and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Massachusetts is The Bay State.  And while The Bay State’s magnetic coasts and serene inland waterways offer a myriad of water based activities from swimming to fishing to kayaking, offering enjoyment in all seasons, these bodies of water are also the backdrop for an incredible culinary experience.  From a whitewater rafting barbeque to a water taxi tour, visitors and residents alike can find something to suit their tastes and sense of adventure.


Waterside Tap and Grill, Andover

North of Boston, dine next to the sparkling Merrimack River at this cozy gem. A menu that features classics, including a fairly extensive list of steaks and chops along with comforting favorites like lobster mac and cheese and fresh seafood, has something for everyone. Changing seasons mean the view is always different and worth checking out year-round. watersidetapandgrille.com


Massachusetts and What They’re Famous For!

Massachusetts is the second largest producer of cranberries in the world and my girls sure loooove cranberries. Many cranberry bogs in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod offer tours so that you can see how they are produced from the bog to the box! We would definitely take advantage of these tours.


While Massachusetts is known for clams, cranberries and Boston Cream pie, there’s a plethora of delicious eats to explore when you come to this state! Maybe it’s a  A diner, drive in or dive! Visit Flavor Town USA or maybe where the Boston Crème Pie was first baked?

Is culinary and great eats important to you when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Oh those pictures are unbelievable! What fantastic food and such great variety. I've had some great lobster in Mass. Need to head back and try their other culinary delicacies.

  2. oh my goodness you blog post is making me very hungry!! we are heading to Ma. next month and now I'm better prepared–thanks for sharing

  3. Your photos are mouth watering! I'm starving now! I have always wanted to visit Massachusetts. I never knew they were such large cranberry producers, I would love to take a tour of that!

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