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6 Essential Back-To-School Items to Get Your Kids Excited for the School Year

A white Hydroflask sits on a wooden table. This article covers essential back to school items to get your kids excited for the school year.

Back-To-School Items to Get Your Kids Excited for the School Year

We all know how it feels when that time of year rolls around again – ugh. Everything feels like chaos all over again after a few weeks of chill. 

Making sure that you have all your back-to-school gear purchased and ready for the academic year can ease the stress on your shoulders.

It may even get your little ones excited about what’s to come. Here are some essential things to grab before school starts. 

Labels and Name Plates

Kids lose things. All the time. As a parent, you probably know this by now. Save yourself money by making sure that each and every item they take to school has their name on it somewhere.

Clothes, stationary, bags, everything. 

Sticker labels are a great option for this. When it comes to labelling, keep in mind that some pre-and primary schools will also require each child to have a desktop name plate on their desk at school.

Let your kids choose fun and colourful ones that they’d like to have on their desks. 

Pencil Bags and Stationary 

These are boring essentials that cannot be worked around. However, you can still make them fun.

Once again, let your kids choose colours, shapes and designs that they like and find exciting.

Superhero or unicorn themes, sparkles or robots, whatever makes your kids happy in this case will do the trick.

A fun design can make the boring bits of school a whole lot more exciting. Let’s be honest, we all love getting new stuff. 

An Insulated Bottle

Getting your kids to drink water can be a nightmare. A good quality insulated water bottle might help do the trick.

Find a brand that’s affordable, seals properly, and won’t break easily. Metal is usually a better option for kids than plastic or glass.

There are loads of brands that offer fun designs that your kids will love, too.

A Bento-Style Lunch Box 

If your kids can’t stay focused long enough to eat a whole meal, then you’ll know that little snacks are usually the best option for school lunches.

For these kinds of meals, a bento-box type lunch is an amazing swap to make for your kids. 

Grabbing a bento box for your kids’ lunches will help you to separate out loads of different snacky foods for their school day.

Different boxes have different styles and functions. Some are insulated to keep snacks cold, some can stack, some even come with cutlery!

They’re functional and they look really cool too – your kid will be the talk of the playground.


Another school essential that can easily be jazzed up is your little one’s bag. This is an item that should ideally last them quite a long time, so it’s always a good idea to go for quality here.

Try for waterproof bags for rainy days to avoid soaked notebooks). Preferably opt for something with loads of different pouches and sections.

This will help protect your kid’s things from getting damaged. 

Again, letting them choose a bag for themselves (with your guidance) will help get them excited. It will make them feel like they’re growing up by taking control of their own choices.

An important part of starting a new school year!

Face Masks

The fact of the matter is, we’re still battling with a pandemic. Many schools and countries still require face masks as a mandatory part of the dress code.

If your school has a uniform, it’s always a good idea to try and get face masks that match up with the school colours so that your kids always look neat and presentable at school.

If there’s no dress code, let your kids choose cute masks that they’d like to wear to school.

Since they’ll be wearing them for long hours, it’s important that you grab comfortable ones that allow your kids to breathe easily. 

Are You Ready?

All in all, starting a new school year might be daunting. Shopping for it ahead of time and getting everything in order can do a lot for your stress levels and your kid’s excitement.

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There’s always an element of fun to stocking up on supplies.

Even when they’re for academic purposes! Make the shopping trip a fun one and encourage your kids to be positive about the year ahead.

Do you have any essential back to school items to add?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A white Hydroflask sits on a wooden table. This article covers essential back to school items that will get your kids excited for

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