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Egg-cited to Visit Burnbrae Farms in Toronto: Visiting a Family Farm & Learning All About EGGS! #BBFFarmTour


Burnbrae Farms.
From Our Family to Yours.

Yes, it’s really from their family to yours. That saying is so true since Burnbrae Farms is a family business who have been farming since 1893. That means that the delicious eggs that we enjoy in our home, come straight from their farm.

About Burnbrae:

Burnbrae Farms has been a Canadian and family-owned farm since 1893 and has been producing shell eggs and innovative egg products for more than 60 years. They have grown from a single family farm to a thriving agribusiness with farms across the country. They process eggs and egg products for many of the private- and brand-name labels that you see in your grocery store.

As a family-run farming organization they aspire to achieve the highest standards in environmental protection, work place safety and animal welfare.



I grew up in Chatham and mostly Windsor, Ontario. While we have a lot of rural areas, I’ve always been a “city” dweller. That doesn’t go to say that I am not enthralled with the rural life, in fact, I have a great respect for it and a huge curiosity as to how it all works.

As a child, I had visited a couple of farms and experienced milking cows and feeding chickens but, I’ll be frank. While I remember it was very FUN, I didn’t learn much besides a few tidbits that I keep in memory to this day! I’ve been horseback riding and I absolutely love to spend time on a farm.


Farm Tour?
Yes, indeed!

I am very grateful and super excited to have the opportunity to be heading to Toronto and onto Lyn, Ontario to spend a day at Burnbrae Farms. I will be learning about my favorite egg products that sit on the shelves at the grocery store (like the Organic Natureggs) that eventually make their way to my table in every day dishes and into my baked goods too!

I want to learn more about eggs, how to cook them and how to use them. Since I love their Naturegg Organic eggs and their Naturegg Simply Egg Whites, I am excited to get any tips that I can add to my egg cooking repertoire.


Have You Ever WONDERED?

I hope you follow along with me on June 9th and June 10th while I make my way to Eastern Ontario, along with a group of fabulous friends and bloggers. We will be seeing how the hens are raised, watching food demonstrations, getting cooking tips and learning how these egg-cellent products get from the farm to your table. You can follow the hashtag #BBFFarmTour and you can bet that I’ll be sharing a lot of pictures and more!


Follow Along!

I’m excited to learn and experience the farm! I can’t wait to see how the animals are treated too. I always buy organic or cage-free eggs because I care about the well-being of our domestic animals. Hope to catch you on our hashtag #BBFFarmTour, you can ask us questions and learn along with us!

You can like Burnbrae Farms on FB and follow @BurnbraeFarms on Twitter for everything you want to know about E G G S! Not on those networks? No worries, check them out on YouTube, here and follow @BurnbraeFarms on Instagram too!

When’s the last time you toured a farm?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Nancy, we are so excited to have you come and visit our farm in Lyn. My family and I are very excited to me you and your fellow bloggers! Sincerely, Margaret Hudson, President, Burnbrae Farms Limited and Proud 4th Generation Hudson Family Farmer.

    1. Hello Margaret, thanks for stopping by! I am very excited to meet you and excited to experience your farm. Thanks for having us! 🙂

  2. Great day! It's been a long time since I visited a farm. I suppose the smell hasn't changed. Thanks for sharing you day!

  3. That looks very awesome! I love the photos of the animals.
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  4. I got to experience working on a farm in college. It's hard work but very gratifying. Enjoy the experience.
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  5. Would love to visit something like that! Thanks Nancy!

    FYI – a bunch of your links have a strikethru in them, I'm sure you didn't mean for them to.

  6. The weather there looks nice. Do you also live close to the farm? The atmosphere is very lovely!

  7. I've been kicking around the idea of a farm tour for my youngest. We're in the country, so it should be easy enough to do, right? 🙂

  8. I'm sure the visit to the farm would really be refreshing and at the same time you get to meet new people too.

  9. Really cool! Always nice to follow another Canadian Mama!
    Not too far from us…we might just have to do the Burnbrae tour!
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  10. P.S. I love how your comments are set up and how it prompts you to subscribe- any chance you could share that tip via email?
    [email protected]

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    1. That is about the same for me, I have taken my girls to petting zoos and such but, not a REAL farm.

  11. It's always nice to know the conditions of the animals where you get your food, and it's great to learn about Burnbrae through this post. We eat very little meat in our household, but we could definitely benefit from more awareness on how our food makes it to our plate. Thanks for sharing.

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