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Coleman Badminton Set: Stay Active Right Through Fall


Coleman Badminton Set.
It rocks!

While it technically it is Fall here in Ontario, the weather is still quite warm and for the next 2 months, it will stay this way. It’s chilly some days and burning hot the next! Just how us Canucks say, “Welcome to Canada!” Since our weather is diverse, I know that there are still many park days ahead of us and getting out and enjoying the fresh air while staying active is great for our family.


Get Out There!

Well, we were super excited to receive a Coleman Badminton Set and we were raring to go for a day at the park. The set came in a fancy carry bag and we headed to the park to set it up. The set up itself was fairly easy and even though Hubby could do it himself, I helped him with a few pegs here and there. The set-up took about 10 minutes and in no time, a full size Badminton net was up. It also took the same amount to take down and pack up!



Serve It Up.

Though Mimi is still very little to play, she enjoyed chasing around the birdie and playing with the racquet. While Gabby is learning how to play and we were teaching her were to stand and how to serve. This game makes for a great time with the family and helps the kiddos with eye and hand co-ordination. Not to mention, it’s loads of fun and many laughs were had at our servings and moves!


About the Coleman Badminton Set:
  • 4 racquet set with aluminium head, steel shaft and vinyl wrapped handles.
  • 4 Coleman-branded shuttlecocks.
  • High quality net, with painted steel poles, support ropes and stakes.
  • 600D Polyester carry/storage case with game peice accent color.
  • Available at Canadian Tire for MRSP $49.99


We Love Coleman!

As much as I wanted to show you this net in action, well, I’m afraid to say that since the kiddies and Hubby are still learning how to play–there wasn’t so much back and forth action! I love Badminton and though I haven’t played in a long time, it’s like riding a bike! This set is NEW this year to Coleman. Their line of outdoor game products are a really fun way to spend some time outside with the whole family.

I would definitely highly recommend this set for the summer and fall months and depending on where you’re located, you can get great use out of this outdoor activity set. This is great for backyards, family BBQ’s or days at the park.

How do you get out and stay active during fall?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I had no idea Coleman made these! i haven't played Badmitton in a long time, but reading this reminds me of how fun it used to be! I'd love to get one of these! And knowing Coleman, I bet it is a great product and very durable! It looks like you all had a great time playing!

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