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Disney Live! We Got on The Mickey Bus at The Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show in Windsor, ON! Check for Shows Coming Near You. #disney


Disney Live!
Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show.

We had a BLAST at the Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show. Literally.  The Mickey Bus rolled into our hometown of Windsor, ON and they threw an exciting show full of energy, great music, dance moves and all of your favorite Disney characters. The show was intimate yet so interactive and fun.






Get on The Bus!

The crowd was hyped up and in no time, Mickey and friends graced the stage. They went on a road trip to find talent for their talent show and the shenanigans they got into and the “people” they met along the way make for a great time. Mimi was over the moon when she saw Mickey and Minnie and the rest of the gang. Gabby was enthused and watched intently.






You got a friend in Woody, Buzz and Jessie. They came out and put down a hoe-down to remember. Full with lasso-ing, juggling and much more. Man, did you hear a roar when they came out! How can you not cheer when you see Buzz make an entrance like that!





At The Stroke of Midnight.

Cinderella graced us with her presence and sang a beautiful song for us, she also had a visit with her fairy godmother and transformed right before our eyes. I won’t spoil the rest of the show for you but, can we say, evil step sisters, lots of singing and dancing too.




You Ready to BOUNCE?

Tigger brought down the house and got everyone jumping. Mimi loved this part of the show the most! She couldn’t stop bouncing up and down and doing the swim and she kept plugging her nose and sashay-ing her hips. It was the cutest ever. Before you knew it, there were huge balls in the audience and they bounced along with the music.

Finally, Donald Duck came in for the finale and it was over with a huge BOOM. Confetti covered the crowd and cheers were heard. It was an amazing ending to a fun-filled show.


They Are Headed Your Way!

So get your tickets to enjoy a fun show, Disney never, ever disappoints and with 11 shows all across Canada, there’s a chance that they’ll be stopping at your city! Show your Disney Side and bring the whole family!

To learn more about Disney Live!, visit www.disneylive.ca or visit them on Facebook or YouTube.

Who is your favorite Disney character?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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