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20 Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

20 Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

It’s that time of year again and you’re going to need Easter egg decorating ideas! Easter is such a fun time. There are Easter egg hunts, baking delicious Easter treats and awaiting the arrival of the Easter bunny. But, before you can go hunting for the eggs and other goodies, you need to decorate them!

The girls, Darasak and I love finding different ways to decorate our eggs. Often times, the girls love to paint them in marble. Really, though, the possibilities are endless.

I have compiled a list of 20 beautiful Easter egg decorating ideas. I do hope that you can find a design that you’ll love!

  1. Fuzzy Chicks Easter Eggs Decorating from easypeasyandfun.com
  2. Mr. Men Egg Decorating from redtedart.com
  3. DIY Nail Polish Marbled Eggs from helloglow.co
  4. Toddler-Friendly Egg Decorating – 3 Ways from funathomewithkids.com
  5. Easter Egg Decorating: Storybook Decoupaged Eggs from attagirlsays.com
  6. Make This: Super Easy Easter Egg DIY With Sharpies from papernstitchblog.com
  7. Color Block Easter Egg Decorating from smartschoolhouse.com
  8. How to Dye Plastic Eggs from momadvice.com
  9. Easter Egg Decorating Inspired By “All You” Magazine from meaningfulmama.com
  10. Bunny And Carrot Egg Decorating from livelaughrowe.com
  11. DIY Foil Easter Eggs from simplydesigning.porch.com
  12. Egg Decorating Ideas from redtedart.com
  13. Gumball Machine Easter Eggs from ajoyfulriot.com
  14. Decorate Easter Eggs With Tattoos from amomstake.com
  15. DIY: Marbleized Easter Eggs from camillestyles.com
  16. 8 Egg Decorating Ideas from mamaisdreaming.blogspot.ro
  17. Nonpareil Eggs from bitzngiggles.com
  18. Lisa Congdon-inspired Doodle Eggs from blog.creativebug.com
  19. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs from apumpkinandaprincess.com
  20. Watercolor Easter Eggs from apumpkinandaprincess.com
How Adorable Are They?

I have to say, I think the gumball machine is pretty darn adorable. But then again, I think they are all pretty creative.

This Easter, I think we will try to make the gumball machines and the sharpie eggs. My girls are pretty good with sharpies so I know that they will turn out pretty great. While they work on those eggs, I will be filling the plastic eggs with their treats.

If you are looking for more Easter fun besides these Easter egg decorating ideas, I’ve compiled a list of 20 Delicious Easter Bark recipes for you to try and enjoy.

Do you decorate eggs every year?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I love decorating eggs with my kiddo! There’s so many great ideas out there and we try to experiment with all of them just because it’s fun.

  2. My friend and I are getting are kids together next week to dye eggs. I’m going to share these ideas with her.

  3. This year I would like to try the DIY foil eggs. I really enjoy decorating Easter eggs with my kids.

  4. Thanks for all the great idea. I was looking for some new ideas to do this year. I will have to get all the supplies I need.

  5. All of these egg decorating ideas sound so creative for Easter. If I had to pick a favorite from all these craft projects, I’d have to go for the Gumball Machine Eggs — those are really over the top and would be lots of fun for kids!

  6. We haven’t decorated eggs in a few years. But these all look great. I may have to decorate some this year.

  7. Thanks for the tips we will be egg decorating today after the egg hunt,gonna be a fun day ! Happy Easter

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