12 Start-Ups That Are Shaping the Future of Health Care. #health

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Future of Health Care.

I work part-time in health care and while I stay up to date monthly with the changes within my own profession, health care is ever-changing and evolving. What interests me the most is the way that health care has become mobile as well. I’m a techie and always have my phone with me.

While I can now track my meals, update my status, share pictures and get directions right in the palm of my hand. The health care world hasn’t fallen behind, which is very promising in my opinion.

They’ve created apps like Impact that can help medical professionals diagnose athlete’s concussions. Or another app like MediSafe that alerts family and friends if their loved one hasn’t taken their medication. For me, that is amazing. I know that I could use this for my Dad, simply because he takes a lot of medications and it would be great to have a back-up.

Another advancement in health care is VTrim. How cool would it be to follow a weight-loss program online and have direct access to online dietitians, meetings and exercise diaries. I like the way this is going since life is busy as it is, this eliminates having to travel to stay on track on a program.

Above, you will find 12 Start-Ups that are shaping the future of health care. From patient data management and 3D prosthetics to diagnostic apps and so much more. Why is this important? Well, to me, it means that my daughter’s and their children are headed towards the right direction and that I know that there will be a lot more options available if they ever need medical care.

The more we advance, the more we move forward–the better the future of our children and children’s kids will be.

What advancement interests you most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. You are so right we are not falling behind in Health care as many people may think,but we certainly are advancing everyday in the right direction.

  2. I think we are advancing in health care a lot more than we realize. Vtrim and Reflexion Health both sound very interesting. I think anything that allows the patient to be able to connect with care right from their own home is great.

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