Thursday Thoughts: Enjoy the Journey

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Enjoy the Journey!

Life isn’t always perfect. Plain and simple, that is what makes life exciting, worthy, and that much more beautiful. The ups and downs of everyday life shape the outcome of our life, our journey. And I say, enjoy the journey every second you can!

It’s been a long while since I’ve shared about our life besides the adventures we get into. For those of you who have followed us since we started this site, you’ll know that time sure doesn’t stand still. My girls, Gabby and Mimi are still growing like weeds and Gabby is a young lady now. She is heading off to high school and I am half freaking out and half incredibly excited for this journey for her.

A teen girls stands on rocks and looks at the camera.

The Teen.

She is still incredibly active and plays basketball and runs track every year. One thing that I am so happy and proud of is that she plays the guitar beautifully. It was one of my biggest wishes that she would be able to carry that on from my dad. Not to mention, she is a gifted writer–though she will never admit it and an artist too.

She is still blogging on Always Gabby but, in between school. So, it is a little less busy there. She appreciates your visits though!

I cannot wait to see what the next four years have in store for her. I know that it will be great and I know that no matter what the ups or downs are, she will make it through. She will always be our little Peanut, even though she is much taller now.

A little girl plays in a playground.

The Bean.

She is our little tinkerer and artist. If you let her, she will make art out of ANYTHING. Believe me, she does. I try to keep most trinkets and what I don’t keep, I photograph for memories. She is sassy, hilarious, and very kind.

The next few years will be interesting, simply because she will be on her own in school. She will choose if she wants to play sports or not and blossom towards what she enjoys academically and personally.

One thing is for sure, she loves school and that is always a good thing. Another thing, she is wanting to become more involved with creating content, so you may see her making videos here and there. We will see how that goes!

People have always asked me what the dynamic is between kids who are far apart in age. Well, of course, it always depends on the kids but, it’s a mixture of many things. I can’t attest to knowing what it’s like to have kids close in age but, I’ll tell you that it’s interesting.

They have things in common but, they are at different life stages. So we just traverse the journey together and try to find common ground as much as we can.

My brother and I are 6 years apart and I was attached to his hip growing up, then I went off on my own, and now we are best of friends. I think at one point in life, you both reach a point where you have common ground, same interests, same goals, and hardships.

A couple stands on a cruise ship in front of Castaway Cay island in the bahamas.


As far as Darasak and I, we are happily growing older together. I see more white hairs and notice the hint of little wrinkles but, we are enjoying life as much as we can. Believe me, that we do! I think it is one of the things that keeps us going through the ups and downs a lot easier. I find that we live our life with the motto of YOLO (you only live once) in most ways but, we are far more conservative when we need to be.

Makes me laugh out loud but, it is true.

As far as me, well, I was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue–which then explains a lot of the problems that I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of years. The lethargy, weight gain, muscle aches, cramps, and I could go on. Believe me, it doesn’t get any better. The good part is that it can be regulated without medication with some life changes. But, at least I know now, and I can work towards correcting it and getting back to me.

So, in time, I know that I will! I’ve been going back and forth on going to a hematologist to get a second opinion about my clotting issue for a long time. I guess I am kind of afraid of the answer. Do these hold me back? Some days but, most days are great. Knowledge is power, and now that I know, I can work towards feeling better.

So, you navigate through life, you conquer the obstacles and you do your very best. That is what we have been doing! As far as around here, you may notice that Darasak is a lot more active in these parts. He’s actually helping me with recipe creation and heading our men’s section. So, make sure to keep an eye out for more recipes and men’s topics!

Thursday Thoughts.

I figured every Thursday or every other Thursday, I will be sharing some thoughts or a little sneak peek into our lives. Plus, I always love to hear about what you guys are up to. This week has been product photography for me mostly, and I have a field trip with Mimi tomorrow! So, exciting times indeed.

I want to thank you guys for taking the time to fill out our survey, it helps us to provide content that you actually want to read! Believe me, for someone who loves to read and heads to the internet to get that info, I appreciate having content that is suited to what I am looking for.

Don’t ever hesitate to send me a quick note if there is anything you want to see! If you haven’t had a chance to fill it out yet, and want to, here is the survey!

Just like you’ve seen us grow, I know that you have grown too! How are the kids and grandkids?

What have you been up to? 

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. This is such great advice! I intend to enjoy the journey and not waste one day if I can help it. I love my family so much. I would do anything I can for them and I enjoy every second I have with them. I know it will not be around forever and I want to enjoy every second I can.

    1. I love this Jeanette, so true. Life is so short, even if we are lucky enough to be given many years. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey with them.

  2. I love your mentality to live life to the fullest because we only live once. It’s great that your children are seeing you guys live that out so that they can too.

  3. It is great that your kids are moving on. High school should be great and it is nice she is active in sports. I hope you get the right therapy for your thyroid issue.

  4. You have a very cute family. That little one is adorable!! I think it is great that you are catering to the content your readers want to read!

  5. So important to remember to enjoy the ride and not just focus on the end point. Otherwise, we miss out on all the good stuff. I loved your updates on the kids!

  6. You are such an inspiration. I try to aspire to that mindset and if everyone did, we’d all be a lot more happier and less stressed out.

  7. This is a really important reminder that I totally needed to hear today! I’m completely guilty of getting caught up in the day to day, the crazy mom moments and I too often forget to stop and smell the roses.

  8. I will have to check out your Daughters blog. We have had a busy year. My first granddaughter was born and life as a Grandma sure is fun.

  9. I’m a multi-tasker in almost every way. But, when it’s time to enjoy I can turn away from everything else and focus on the moments. That’s been a long lesson to learn.

  10. It can be scary as our kids get older. My oldest just got back from university for the summer. It’s nice to have her home. My youngest is also starting high school in the fall.

  11. We have a lot going on here. We are preparing to move this summer. My husband is in the military. Our oldest isn’t coming with us. She graduated college and has gotten a job in her field in the local area. Can you say cry fest? I’m so not ready. We will soon start decluttering and separating her stuff from ours.

  12. Life is so short,live each day to the fullest .My rule for happiness is forget about yesterday,it’s gone and can’t be changed and it’s in the past.Live for today and always look forward to tomorrow .

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