My 2008 Reflection

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You Reap What You Sow

You reap what you sow, hmm, that’s quite the thought. It is about that time again, we are almost at year’s end and it is usually a time that I use for reflection.

This year’s reflection resonates with the saying, “You Reap What You Sow.” I figured I would get around to it now since the holidays are usually busy and hectic!

This year has truly been a blessing, as every single day that we are given on this earth is.

I look back and I see how lucky I am to have been graced with an angel in my life, to see her grow and progress into a little girl with intellect, manners, and responsibility is truly beyond me.

She was placed in my life for a purpose.

A Sense of Purpose 

My life truly is lived for her and there is nothing that I do not do or would not do for her happiness. Everything that has taken place has taken place for a reason and for her best interest and I know that I have made the right decision for she is an amazing and bright little girl.

I have to thank God for allowing me the gift of being a mother, I could not picture my life otherwise. Another thing that I am so proud to have such a beautiful daughter inside and out who is affectionate, caring, loving, and innocent.

It makes me happy that she is doing so well in school and in life in general, there is never a day that she does not put a smile on my face.

A Best Friend

I cannot picture life without him or my peanut. He is a great partner and an amazing father to our little girl.

They say we have two hands to hold, two ears to listen, two eyes to see, and so on, but why only one heart? Because our “other” heart is found in our partner, our soulmate, and yes I know it’s corny but, that what I have found in you, Darasak. I love you!


Altogether I have an amazing small family, we complete each other.

2008 was surely a busy year for us, lots of traveling, lots of hard work that paid off, a lot of long nights, happy tears, sad tears, funny times, irreplaceable moments. My partner in crime and my TWIN Sisi, homeboy, Frank! Amazing times!!

As always, before obtaining happiness there is always overcoming great adversity. For the last two years, there are always those who try to make life nearly impossible. But, that is a given, those with serpent’s tongues will always try to unleash their venom. But, to what avail?

Admitting mistakes is difficult, but not impossible. Judging others for their actions or decisions is petty but, not unusual. If everyone was incapable of making mistakes then let the judging begin.

Let’s Do This

Not to mention, a sister from another mister, Jennifer and her little angel Nevaeh and my other friends who have stuck with me!! That is all I need! I’m going to keep looking forward because nothing comes about from looking back! Nothing and no one can break me!

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This holiday season is going to be great! I’m checking my list twice. I can only hope I can make memories just as sweet as mine were as a child for Gabriella! The new year counts as another year for me and hubby and I am so excited to spend our anniversary together!

I know that if you put positive out into the world, you get it back.

After all, you reap what you sow.

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