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Hard Candy Review: Lashaholic Big Bad Lashes Mascara, Mouthing Off Lip Shine and Glow Away Bronzer and Highlighter Duo!

Hard Candy.

A girl’s best friend.

Yes indeedy, I was super stoked to review some more Hard Candy make-up and let you know the real deal! Well, first is up is the Lashaholic Mascara! As many of you know, this mascara is one of my favorite drug store mascaras that is reasonably priced and really great on lashes. They lengthen and makes your lashes thick and not clumpy. It’s what I think makes a “good” mascara and Lashaholic has it. The brush is slightly angled and the wand allows for room to wiggle and really get every lash.

Really giving you big, bad lashes!

You can get this mascara for about $6-$8 at Walmart, which is totally affordable and a great product to boot!

Mouthing Off!

Next is Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine in Drama Queen. You know I am totally a lip gloss gal (who occasionally likes to let loose with lipstick)  but, lip gloss is definitely an EVERY DAY thing! One thing that Hard Candy never goes wrong in, is lip gloss. It’s rich, shimmery and long-lasting. Mouthing-off is no different and it gives you the shiniest, sparkly-est kisser that you’ve ever seen.

Hard Candy is my go-to for shiny gloss as it gives you a nice tint but, non-stop shine. You can actually see the sparkles on your lips but, they aren’t over dramatic or distracting. It can be a bit sticky but, most glosses are.

Fit for a Drama Queen!

Don’t let the pink fool you, it doesn’t nearly look that pink on. They have plenty of shades that can suit your fancy, so check them out, here. This shade almost looks clear but with a light pink shade to it.

Time to Glow!

Well, the Glow Away Bronzer and Highlighter Duo from Hard Candy, at first glance, looks very promising. While the pigment of the bronzer is very nice and the highlighter is a pale, lavender white, it’s very hard to apply and difficult to blend.

Beautiful pigment, wrong applicator.

I think it’s the applicator that went wrong, considering the product fell out of it a couple times. But, needless to say that the bronzer part of the duo worked really well but, the highlighter portion didn’t blend well. Perhaps, it is my skin tone or the applicator itself–but, you could clearly see a big streak where I applied and attempted to blend the highlighter. Though I won’t be using this to contour my face, I will be using it to highlight my brows!

The way that make-up works is what is most important to me, not brand or price.

How do you choose your make-up and do you LOVE Hard Candy like I do?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I love makeup it's a weakness of mine although I am trying to find brands with better ingredients and it's hard!
    What is Hard Candy like for ingredients?

  2. I adore Hard Candy cosmetics! Especially the mascara, please continue sharing your reviews on these products. 🙂

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