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Our Life, Beautifully Squared with the Instax Square SQ6!

A girl stands in front of a graffiti wall holding an Instax Square SQ6 camera.

Life Beautifully Squared with the Instax Square SQ6!

I am a mom of two beautiful girls and you better believe that I want to capture every moment of their life that I can. As a mom, there is no doubt in my mind that time is flying by. It feels like just yesterday they were born. With this in mind, I knew I wanted to capture the long weekend in the best way possible.

Victoria Day weekend for us was typical, while we didn’t go away–we were busy. If you know us, we are travel junkies and while capturing those moments are always fun, capturing the everyday moments are just as important.

The Instax Square SQ6 Camera was just what I needed to help capture every special moment. I cannot even begin to describe how much I absolutely love the Instax SQ6. I’m a lover of all things vintage, well-loved, used, and old-school. While this camera is brand new, the fact that it is analog is so nostalgic.

A flat lay of Instax prints, camera, sharpie and more.

I adore the quality of the images (so vintage), and even the act of just pressing the shutter button and getting the picture instantly makes me geek out. I let the girls snap pictures so they can see the beauty of the world through a lens and capture something that doesn’t need to be shared digitally if you don’t want to. No time stamp, no negatives, no likes or comments. Just a perfect and beautifully squared memory to keep for always.

Read on to check out why you need to pick up an Instax Square SQ6 camera and to see what we did for the long weekend!

A girl looking to the distance to capture her next shot.

Square Format Rocks

With as much as I love displaying pictures, the square format is an easy go-to. Especially when I don’t feel like trying to choose between landscape or portrait mode. Square Format is just the right format for me.

All you have to do is just pick up the camera and snap. Since the result is 1.5 times the size of Instax mini prints, there’s plenty of room to capture more of the moment and location. Plus, it is so easy to frame the subject with the little square in the viewfinder.

While we enjoyed the recent long weekend, I was able to play with the Instax Square SQ6 and capture some images of my family. Gabby has been begging me to take her to the local museum, so I enjoyed capturing fun moments of her. We didn’t take any inside due to the potential flash but, we loved this display outside of the museum. It was fun to appreciate art and then head out and enjoy the rest of the day together.

A girl moving on to her next conquest of art, walking with an Instax Square SQ6 in her hand.

It was the girls’ first time ever using a camera with actual film so needless to say, they were kind of excited. They are familiar with the Fujifilm Instax Square printer but, that requires just your phone. It was funny to see how they held it and were amazed at how it shot out a picture.

Gabby developed a little technique, she held the camera from the top with her finger and set up her shot. Once she felt steady enough, she then clicked the shutter button. She wasn’t too thrilled when she took her first picture and it came out a bit blurry due to her movement. After enjoying the museum, we decided to hit up the waterfront downtown and go graffiti hunting because, well, it’s art!

The Instax Square SQ6 in front of a pink wall.

A girl holds a camera in front of a graffiti wall.

A girl stands in front of huge wall of graffiti with her Instax camera in hand.

A girl goes up a fire escape to take a snap of a graffiti wall.

A girl smiles and poses in front of a graffiti wall.

Girl sits in front of a wall and takes a break from taking pictures.

Love the Camera Design

I’m not a person that has to have everything perfect, but I do love good design and when things are well built. I have to say that the Instax Square SQ6 Camera is a well-built camera that is perfect for our busy lifestyle. Not to mention, it’s actually quite the beautiful piece of tech.

An Instax print is held in front of the camera while the subject is blurred in the background.

A little girl takes a picture of her older sister with the Instax Square SQ6.

A little girl holds the Instax Square SQ6.

A girl looks into the camera while holding the Instax Square.

When we were at the park this past weekend, we pulled the camera out of my purse and had a blast taking pictures of each other. The girls got really into it and I love the strap that it comes with. Makes it easy to have peace of mind when little hands are operating it.

The pictures also store really nicely, so I can put them on display when I get home. Not to mention, they can be used for DIY projects, scrapbooking, desk art–and more.

I personally love that the Instax Square SQ6 comes in Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, and Pearl White. Aren’t these beautiful colors? I feel as though the camera design was well thought out. The feel of the camera itself has grip, along with texture. It can almost be considered an accessory when I pull it out of my purse to use. I’m not gonna lie, it looks great in pictures. In fact, Gabby has her eye on it because it’s so pretty.

An Instax square print is held up to the camera with a girl and the Detroit skyline in the background.

Fun Functions for the Perfect Pic

This past weekend, using the Instax Square Camera, I fell even more in love with it. It has functions I am familiar with and that’s always a good thing. It is straightforward to use and with just a few touches, you can change settings seamlessly. Here are all of my favorite functions of the camera.

  • Automatic Exposure Control: This function can actually brighten the subject and the background. So you know you’re getting a good quality picture.
  • Macro Mode: You better believe that this is one of my favorite functions. You can actually get up close and personal to take pictures and they’ll turn out perfect.
  • Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror: How perfectly old school is the mirror? I remember having a mirror on my phone to take selfies, though they weren’t called selfies back then. You can capture the area of your selfie in a mirror next to the lens. This mode adjusts brightness and focal length to the ideal level for the perfect selfie. Yes!
  • Landscape Mode: Will help you capture subjects 2m away.
  • Double Exposure: Now this one is cool! You can blend two pictures together in one print. Get artsy!
  • Light/Dark Mode: You can select the exposure of your pic. From low-key, normal, or high-key.

The Instax camera sits on the table while a man enjoy a latte.

A girl sips on a coffee and looks at an Instax square print she just took.

A man smiles at the camera while he enjoys his time in a cafe.

Beautiful Results Every Time

We are coffee shop junkies, so it’s only natural that we would end up in one on any given weekend. Victoria Day weekend was no different. Caffe Lattes and organic coconut bars for the win! The Instax Square SQ6 kept up with us and produced beautiful pictures with the natural light coming into the cafe. When it did need flash, it wasn’t disruptive to other cafe-goers. Let me tell you, the ones who were there told us the camera was so cool.

A teen girl takes a picture of her younger sister at the playground.

A little girl sits in the jungle gym and takes a break with an emoji lollipop.

Special Moments

In between play, there are treats. Mimi could spend all day at the park if she could but, she sure will stop for a lollipop. Gabby took advantage of the stillness and snapped a couple pictures of Mimi. At this point in our day, I think Gabby had perfected her technique and is an official Instax Square SQ6 fan now.

For me, there’s nothing more precious than standing by and watching my girls interact together and be excited about photography. Especially when all they’ve ever used were digital cameras. In a small way, I can share a bit of my childhood with them, not only in capturing film prints but in storing them for memory and posterity.

A woman is excited about her new Instax Square SQ6 camera.

Beautifully Squared.

This weekend, the Instax Square SQ6 Camera didn’t disappoint. In fact, it made me appreciate the simplicity of film. Even though it is instant, it really has won my heart.

I also went antiquing with the family. Our favourite shop is located on a farm and has barns and barns full of goodies. I was able to snap some pretty awesome pictures of our findings and things from my “wishlist.” One of those happened to be a 1950’s vintage rotary phone. It still works!

You just can’t go wrong with this camera.

As a busy mom and a creator, I love how I can take instant pictures and use them as an added element to my digital pictures. You can get really creative with Instax prints so I look forward to creating even more with them. Most importantly, I am happy that I can capture all the precious moments that are fleeting and cherish those moments in time for a lifetime.

A woman closes in on the camera by pointing an instant camera.

Get Ready to Capture!

I can tell you that capturing daily moments of our life has never been more fun. It is now one of my FAVOURITE pieces in my arsenal and I will continue to capture all the moments that we experience.

Not to mention, I think I may have to buy Gabby one and she has her eye on the Blush Gold. In the meantime, I’m going to pick up some more instant film. I can’t decide if I want white or black frames this time.

Decisions, decisions.

Visit Instax Square SQ6 for more information. Get social with Instax and get the latest updates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

When is the last time you used an instant camera?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: This post is sponsored by Instax. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.



Life Beautifully Squared with the Instax Square SQ6! See the beauty of the world through a lens and capture something that doesn't need to be shared digitally if you don't want to. No time stamp, no negatives, no likes or comments. Just a perfect and beautifully squared memory to keep for always. #BeautifullySquared #MyInstax #InstaxSQ6 #SQ6May24

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