Hit the Holiday Beaches with Style and Confidence!


Hit the Holiday Beaches with Style and Confidence!

The discussion around body confidence and self-acceptance has gained popularity in recent years. As a result, women who don’t not fit into the ideal categories face stereotyping, stigma and unrealistic expectations. The plus-size woman, because she is a size or two larger than the perceived average range, is a frequent victim. But the good news is that this perception is slowly changing.

According to plus-size advocates like Ashley Graham (who has her own line of body positive plus size swimsuits at online retailer swimsuitsforall) and Tess Holliday, however, the plus-size woman should feel comfortable and free in her body at all times — especially on the beach. Ashley Graham says that every plus size woman has no reason to hide, and every reason to flaunt. Tess Holliday started the body positive movement, #effyourbeautystandards in 2013 with the aim of empowering people to embrace their present bodies and love them. The Daily Mail published an article on plus size body positivity where plus-size models openly aired their views on the challenges they face in the industry. They emphasized that plus-size women, and models, in particular, are beautiful!

One of the biggest problems that the plus-size woman faces is that of finding appropriate clothing, especially swimwear when they need it (and especially during the off season). Every woman wants to look outstanding on the beach. How does one choose the right piece?

Consider your body type.

You need to know your body type so that you can accentuate your positive features. There is an appropriate outfit to suit each body type, and many plus size retailers feature body type calculators on their sites.

Know what styles are available.

The style you chose must be comfortable and also provide support and coverage. Most styles for the plus size woman will include underwire support, tummy control panels, and slimming design features. A style that would suit most plus size women is the tankini, which is classic, comfortable, and flirty.

Embrace flattering design elements.

The design of the swimsuit you choose should highlight your good points, and hide the bad ones. You can decide to have bright colors on the parts you want to emphasize and dark colors on the ones you want to hide.

Remember that every body type and shape is different.

Choose the style, shape and colors that suit you, not what you have seen looking good on other people.

The search for suitable swimwear can be a challenge for many plus-size women, especially off-season. Going from store to store is tiring and time consuming and a real anxiety trigger, but online retailers have come up with a unique online shopping platform that eases this process. A visit to a retailer like swim suits for all shows that they have an extensive range of fashion-forward swimwear for women in sizes 8 to 34 — and they offer designs that make women feel trendy, confident, fashionable and beautiful, all at very reasonable prices. 

Finding a swimsuit for the plus-size woman has now become fun. You can just log in from your home computer, browse some websites, compare styles with glamorous pictures of real plus size women, and place your order! Get that beautiful swimsuit today, and hit the holiday beaches with confidence and style!

How do you pick a swim suit?

Let me know, cheers m’deres!


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