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Loose Button: Holiday Luxe Box

In December I was pleasantly surprised to find a package.

Just waiting for me.

Even though it was almost January, it was the Holiday Luxe Box!

And boy, was I EVER happy and stoked when I looked inside!

I say, better late than never!

If you aren’t familiar with Loose Button Luxe Box, it’s a subscription based service that sends you deluxe-sized samples of the top of the line beauty products on the market! Sometimes, they send you FULL sized products and it’s amazing!

Wanna know more?

To sign-up you have 3 options, either to sign up for a monthly subscription which is $12/month, for 3 months which is $36 or a yearly subscription that is $120. This option gives you 2 free months!

Oh and did I mention FREE SHIPPING?

Sign up here if you are interested in getting your own personalized tres fabulous Luxe Boxes delivered to your door! If you don’t like surprises, take a peek of upcoming and most requested products for future Luxe Boxes and guess which ones you may get!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Goodies Galore!

As you can see, the Holiday Luxe Box was packed with so many awesome things! I have to say that the most amazing thing in this box is the Velour Mink Lashes, I’m not quite sure how they go about getting Mink and it’s not something I would normally buy (I don’t like furs) but, the lashes are absolutely gorgeous and the girly girl inside me cried out in excitement to wear them. The next most favorite thing was the Prada Candy perfume which I will be buying because it smells incredibly divine!


PRADA- Candy 

This is definitely what I want to smell like. As soon as I opened it and sprayed it on, I knew it was my type of scent. It’s soft, sweet and heavenly. After I sprayed it on my wrist and as the day wore on it got softer but, you can still smell the sweet smell. It blended great with my body chemistry and I will definitely be buying this.

So, how much?

This vanilla scented honey, benzoin and caramel explosion scent can be yours for $96, that’s a full-size 50 ml bottle too. I normally pay that for my Burberry. I absolutely am over the moon with this scent and it’s definitely a keeper.

Retail Price: $96

PRADA Infusion D’Iris

The only way I can describe this scent is very clean. It is described to capture the ambiance of luxurious Italian voyages. I find the scent to be more mature and if you like clean smelling perfumes in comparison to sweet, playful scents then this is for you. While it smells lovely, I wouldn’t use it. I brought it to my Mom and she loved it so, it depends on your preference.

Retail Price: $95 for 50 ml Bottle

DDF- Advanced Firming Cream

I was chosen for the special opportunity to try out this product (available in Sephora) and let you guys know what I think, the sample itself is worth $41 and it’s an advanced formula that contains Tumeric Complex, Copper and Glycerin that help firm and tighten your skin. It also has many anti-oxidants and promotes rapid cell turnover to reverse the look of aging.

How did it work?

Well, I don’t use much on my face but, for the sake of trying out this anti-aging serum–I went for it. So far, I notice that my under-eye baggage has gone down. The serum itself smells like Tumeric, if that’s possible. But, my skin has been a lot softer. So, if you are into this kinda thing–I’d recommend it. But, if you are like me and don’t want to accept that you’re aging (kidding) then maybe it’s not for you.

Retail Price: $130 for 48 g

Keratase- Elixir Ultime

This is one of my favorite Luxe Box products, I’ve received this in a previous box and I ran out! This elixir works amazing and it has done wonders to my winter-beaten hair. I absolutely loved it the first time and I love it even more this time, now that I’ve used it and know how it works! The smell is really nice, a way to describe it is “salon shampoo” and like you just walked out of the salon!

How much?

This elixir is described to bring shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber. Incredible shine. It also helps strengthen the hair and protects it from external aggressors. I can say that it works.

Retail Price: $50 125 ml

Velour Upper Lashes

These were my favorite. I received the “Doll Me Up” pair. They are 100% Mink and are long-lasting. With proper care, you can get up to 25 uses. I normaly save lashes for special ocassions and that works perfectly with these high fashion, gorgeous lashes. They are invidudally handmade and much more natural looking than synthetic ones.

Though I didn’t have a special occasion to wear these out to. (Can you tell that I live an exciting life? :P) I will post a picture when I do. I can’t wait to try them.

The founders Mabel and Angela say, “CAUTION: Contents may cause serious side effects such as increased flirtiness, extreme sexiness, and irresistible eyes!”

Mabel and Angela, I am thanking you now and I will definitely be using these in our re-wedding this year!

You want a pair dontcha?

So do celebrities and they custom order Velour Lashes, they are described to be the finest lashes on the market. The offer free shipping and have many videos online showing you how to apply, remove and care for your lashes for optimum use. There are LOTS of styles to choose from and you can find them, here.

They are so soft too, not plastic-y at all.

They also make me feel like a vixen.


Retail Price: $60-$65 a pair.

Luxe Box knows the way to my heart!

Lastly, they topped me off with a delicious Loose Button chocolate. I shared a bite with the Hubby but, needless to say– it was definitely a sweet ending to a great Holiday Luxe Box.

What products would you try in this Luxe Box?

Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Oh! The prada sounds like a great scent. That would be my type also. Those lashes look fun also 🙂

    1. The Prada smells soooooo good. NO lie. I'm going to buy it, I don't mind spending a bit on scents because I don't wear them often. So, they last long.

  2. I could use a whole jar of that firming cream!! lol I got a box in September, it's a neat concept, I'm interested in seeing how the program develops.

    1. This puts me at ease and makes my conscience feel so much better. I'm so glad that they are safe, I just hope they take care of the mink. 😛

  3. LOL! I can totally see you squealing about the lashes when you opened the box! You make me laugh your so darn cute!

    1. LOL. I did squeal and then I'm like OH. They are mink. EEEP. Ummm, yayyyyy. Aww, poor minkies. But, they're so fab. LOL!

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