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Tips for Keeping Your House Pest-Free This Winter

Tips for Keeping Your House Pest-Free This Winter

When the temperature starts to drop this winter, you aren’t going to the only ones that want to get warm inside your home.

Winter is a time that can mean more bugs and pests, all coming into your home looking for somewhere warm and cozy.

So here are some of the things that you can do to help to keep your home bug-free over the cold winter months.

1. Use Window Screens

Having window screens means that you can get fresh air when needed, but you will have an extra barrier between the home and bugs coming in. This can be so vital in the winter months.

If there are any small gaps in door frames and window frames, then the smallest of pests can make their way in.

Leaving out some sweet holiday treats and then before you know it, you’ll have an army of ants walking through.

2. Make Sure Doors are Tightly Sealed

Especially when they are closed. You may want to seal them up if they are not. Weatherstripping may be needed, and you could also use caulk to seal up any gaps.

If you find that you have something like bed bugs in your home already, then it makes sense going into winter to start afresh with a pest-free home.

So if this is the case, look out for a bed bug removal service and it will make a huge difference to your home. It will give you a clean and fresh base to start your winter preparations.

3. Trim Tree Branches

There is no getting away from the fact that bugs thrive in trees and in leaves. That is why it is so important to trim trees to help to keep branches away from your home.

If they are near the windows and the walls, they create an easy crossing for bugs and pests that are looking for somewhere warmer for the winter.

On a similar note, where do you think the bugs in your home come from? Your yard, of course. Bugs love to nest in things like mulch and wood chips.

If you find this is the case in your yard, it is a good idea to create a kind-of barrier between any of those items and your home itself.

Getting rid of piles of leaves makes a difference, and look to make sure that gutters are clear and free of debris too.

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4. Inspect Your Parcels

During the current pandemic and the upcoming holidays, we are ordering more and more things online.

When parcels get delivered outside of our house, it is a good idea to inspect any parcels before bringing them into the house first.

If some insects have attached themselves to the parcels, you could be bringing them into the home without even realizing it.

As you can see, there are a few simple steps to helping your home to be bug-free this winter.

So now is the time to get prepared and implement these changes.

Do you have any extra tips for keeping your home pest-free this winter?


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