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4 Ideas For Kitchen Blinds

A white and bright kitchen shows a functional kitchen with blinds. This article gives 4 ideas for kitchen blinds.

4 Ideas For Kitchen Blinds

As the busiest part of the house, the kitchen should be a place that you feel good in. Cooking and eating are a great way to spend your time, but it won’t feel so pleasant if your kitchen interior doesn’t satisfy you.

It’s even worse if you hate how your kitchen looks.

A functional kitchen will, no doubt, end up cluttered from time to time. Especially if you’re constantly preparing meals for your loved ones.

Did you know that kitchen designs aren’t only meant to be beautiful but also practical? Also, it isn’t just for vanity or to show off to your guests. 

Making your home look amazing is great for your mental health and your relationship with your housemates. But it doesn’t need to look like it’s been staged by professionals.

Remember, a home should be functional, as well as nicely set up. 

One nice feature that can add texture and interest to your kitchen is to use blinds for the windows.

Again, it’s a gorgeous option but also incredibly handy from morning to night. It also comes in different materials and types, which can fit different styles of interior design. 

However, keep in mind that a kitchen is an active place. There’s heat, water, smells, steam, smoke, and other elements to consider.

Therefore, it’s necessary to think about where the blinds will be placed and gather some ideas for kitchen blinds in which part of the kitchen. 

To help you out, here are four types of blinds you can add to your kitchen.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have a classic and simple look that looks great for most styles. The horizontal slats look especially nice for medium-sized rectangular windows right above the counter.

Also, it adds pattern and texture without being too loud or busy. 

Keeping it simple in the kitchen is a great strategy to keep your mind focused and relaxed as you keep busy. Aesthetically, you might have worries about the limitations of wood; not all color schemes and interior designs will look good with natural wooden blinds.

However, you can choose from different finishes, like stained, varnished, matte paint, waxed, or glossy paint. 

Darker blinds can be great for warmer color schemes or even to show color contrast. On the other hand, lighter colors can brighten up the room and give an elegant understatement. 

If you don’t like wood, you can also opt for PVC, metal, or plastic. These are great for windows right above the sink since they’ll be easy to clean and dry.

Day and Night Blinds 

The difference between blinds and shades is the material used. Separate slats make up blinds, while shades are made out of a single material.

Day and night blinds look like blinds but, technically, they’re shades because it’s made out of one material. But it has translucent and opaque strips that are made to look like slats. 

Depending on the brand, day and night blinds can also be called twist blinds, duo blinds, or vision blinds. In terms of mechanics, it’s just like roller blinds, so it’s easy to adjust with a chain or a remote control.

Thus, you can adjust the amount of light that comes in by rolling it up or down.

This way, you can let in light by exposing the translucent strips or block it off with just the opaque ones. 

Day and night blinds are nice to have for wider or longer windows where sunlight can be strong at certain times of the day.

It looks especially wonderful if you have windows near a breakfast nook in your kitchen. However, it wouldn’t be ideal for windows near a stove or a sink since it’s made out of fabric.

Plantation Shutters

If you have a minimalist, rustic, country-style, Victorian, or modern home and kitchen, plantation shutters will pair perfectly.

Made from wood, it can come in different finishes and colors. The number one benefit has to be their customizability.

Regardless of your window’s size, these shutters can be made to fit any window. 

If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, plantation shutters can provide great insulation. You can keep it shut for frigid seasons, and then open it wide like a window when it’s getting hot.

The slats can be opened or shut to let the right amount of air in and provide you with your needed privacy.

With larger slats, you can just quickly wipe them, in comparison to the difficulties of cleaning blinds

These are all fantastic features perfect for a kitchen. Additionally, you can easily air out your kitchen to make sure the aroma of the cooked food doesn’t stick indoors.

If any sauces or oil splashes on them, you can simply use a paper towel to clean up.

Micro or Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds (aka micro blinds) are fantastic if you’re on a budget. In terms of design, it’s quite flexible because it looks just like traditional blinds and it comes in an array of colors. 

The best benefit of aluminum blinds is their durability. As mentioned, the kitchen is a busy place, and you’ll probably be knocking stuff over, especially if you’re clumsy.

Aluminum blinds are fantastic for kitchens because they’re sturdy and they’re resistant to moisture. So, even if you splash water on it or steam gets to it, it won’t get warped or stained. 

The only drawback is probably the noise it makes since aluminum can get loud, especially in the middle of the night.

Though it’s rare to adjust your blinds in the evening anyway.

Which Ones are Right for You?

There are all kinds of considerations when it comes to picking blinds for your kitchen. Like interior design, function, material, and price.

The kitchen can especially be challenging since it’s a completely different part of your home.

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There are all kinds of factors that might affect the type of blinds you choose.

Fortunately, as discussed above, there are all kinds of blinds that can fit your kitchen style and other needs.

Do you have any other ideas for kitchen blinds?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A white and bright kitchen shows a functional kitchen with blinds. This article gives 4 ideas for kitchen blinds.

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