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I’m Going to #DellCAPCanada Day!

I'm Going to #DellCAPCanada Day!
I’m Going to #DellCAPCanada Day!

This Thursday, Dell is sending me to Toronto for their annual #DellCAPcanada day.
It is a conference/panel of sorts, the Dell Customer Advisory Panel to be exact, which is made up of approximately 30 invited guests. The guests are made up of bloggers and other active social media experts from all over Canada.

It is very exciting to have been considered, so thank-you Dell.

During the panel, we will be discussing what Dell has been up to and what we think of their services and products. I am super excited to learn more about Dell, I’ve used their products in the past but, hearing the things that they are introducing and improving as of late has me very intrigued.

I can’t wait to share everything I learn while I am there with you guys.

So, do you have any questions for Dell?

Anything that you may want me to bring up in discussion while I am there? Feel free to shoot me an email, leave me a comment or DM me your question. I’d love to know what your opinion or any experience you may have had with Dell and bring it to their attention.

Dell is listening.

If you’d like to follow along, we will be live-streaming here on October 27th from 9:30 AM to 5:30 AM EST.

For live updates, Dell invites you to follow the hashtag #DellCAPCanada on Twitter.

So, don’t hesitate to send me ANYTHING you want me to discuss with Dell.

This is our chance to talk to a great company and they are more than willing to listen to what we have to say.

Til then, cheers m’deres!




Disclaimer: Dell has paid for my transportation and accommodations so that I may take part in #DellCAPCanada Day, all thoughts expressed about Dell and CAP day are completely my own, they are NOT influenced in any way by Dell or their affiliates.

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  1. I am so envious. I would have loved to be part of that panel. I'm a big Dell fan and have been probably for the past 10 years. I will only buy Dell even though you have to buy online, which is why my dad won't buy Dell. And guess what? Every computer he's ever purchased he's had to have something fixed on it or replaced etc. Me, never.

    I guess my big question to Dell is why not a physical location. It would be much more fun and interactive to be able to go in and actually see and touch the new technology.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks for your input, I asked Dell your question and they answered! By Thanksgiving there will be over 40 locations from Dell whether stores or kiosks in the US. Canada will follow shortly after! Please come back to read my follow-up!

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