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How To Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

A browned leaf on the ground, there is frost covering it and the grass surrounding it.

How To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter

As winter draws near, you’ll want to get those exterior home maintenance tasks done before the cold weather sets in. When it comes to your garden, it’s important to do a little preparation if you want everything to remain in tip-top condition.

For those looking for a little inspiration, here come a few tips on getting things ready.

Protect Your Plants

When you’ve spent lots of time looking after your plants, you won’t want frost to get the better of them. To protect your plants from frost during the winter, there are a few preventative measures that you can take.

First, you’ll want to ensure that you water the soil enough because wet soil is good at retaining heat.

It’s also a great move to invest in a few plastic sheets or blankets that you can cover your plants with overnight. As well as this, it can be beneficial to purchase a heat lamp that is made for the outdoors.

These lamps can give your plants a little extra warmth and reduce the effects of frost.

If you have container plants, it’s best to keep them close together and as near to your house as you can.

Clear Rotting Plants

In the lead up to winter, you should get rid of any older or rotting plants. These will make your whole front lawn look unkempt as well as serving as a vessel for disease or funguses.

Once you get all of these plants removed, you’ll have a more attractive and healthier garden.

Don’t worry about your garden looking a little bare, this is expected over the wintertime.

Prep Your Soil

The end of the autumn can be a great time to prep your soil for the following springtime.  You should dig in compost, manure, and other nutrients.

Doing so gives the nutrients more time to break down and improve your soil.

Once you’ve worked on your soil, cover the areas with some plastic for protection from rain and the winter cold.

Replenish Mulch

Some gardeners also like to use winter as a time to replenish their mulch. Doing so will help to protect the soil from weeds and erosion.

Mulch can also help to regulate the temperature of the soil as winter creeps in.

It’s best to add a thick layer before covering. If you’re a keen gardener, winter can be a little bit of a boring time!

However, soon enough the season will fade and you’ll be glad that you took the time to protect your plants.

The more work you put in, the closer you’ll be to the garden of your dreams.

Salting & Snow

If you know that snow is coming, you may want to salt your pathways and driveways in preparation. Either this or you can hire a snow removal and salting service.

In cases of unpredictable weather, it can be difficult to keep the outdoor areas of your home nice and safe.

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Icy conditions can pose serious health risks resulting from trips and falls.

If you have a home where elderly people live especially, it’s far better to call in the experts to deal with snow and ice.

Winter can be long, cold, and a bit boring but, once the thaw comes in the spring, you’ll be happy you put in the work!

Do you have any tips to get your garden ready for the winter?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A browned leaf on the ground, there is frost covering it and the grass surrounding it. A banner reads, "how to prepare your garden for winter."

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