Falling in Love with NOW FRESH Kibble

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Kimchi is sitting in the living room next to his bag of puppy food from NOW FRESH. This article covers Falling in Love with NOW FRESH Puppy Kibble.

Falling in Love with NOW FRESH Kibble

It’s been about five months since we welcomed Kimchi into our home. He’s an F1 Goldendoodle who is clumsy, full of energy, loves to chew, and literally lives for cuddles.

Since he came home with the puppy food that his breeders had him on, it had been a challenge to get him excited enough to finish his food. He would patiently wait for his meal and then leave about a quarter of his kibble, every single time.

So, since he wasn’t eating the full amount that is recommended, we had him eat 3 times a day with a snack to make sure he was getting enough.

With the seasons quickly changing, from summer to fall, we decided to give Kimchi a change in his kibble too.

Kimchi gives his paw to Gabriella while she serves him his Now Fresh Kibble.

Excitement at Meal Times

We gradually switched Kimchi over to the NOW FRESH Puppy Kibble and now whenever he hears the sound of the bag, his tail starts wagging, and he’s actually super excited to eat his food.

He seems to really love the taste and is now finishing his meals.

This is something that was really a struggle and worried us sick because we were afraid that he would lose weight.

NOW FRESH kibble is bursting with over 20 nutrient-rich superfoods like blueberries and pomegranate to support healthy immune function, and fiber-rich pumpkin to support good digestion.

Having had a french bulldog that had a hard time with digestion problems and allergies in the past, I always look out for kibble that places importance on overall health, especially digestion.

Grain-free is something that helped with it, so we prefer to give our dogs kibble with none.Having a pup that has a hard time with digestion and sometimes developed skin problems, was not easy.

So, only the best ingredients are a must.

Kimchi drinks his water after finishing his NOWFRESH Puppy Kibble.

A Change in Coat

I’ve also noticed a change in his coat. Since he is 50% poodle and 50% golden retriever, it’s almost a gamble on how his coat will turn out.

It’s anyone’s guess on which side he will take more after. In this case, Kimchi’s dad is a curly poodle and his mom is a golden retriever.

Kimchi’s coat has always been wavy to straight. So we figured that he will be a more golden retriever with some waves and curls.

Now, I notice that his coat is wavier and thicker, and I see some curls coming in. While I know his kibble won’t 100% affect the waviness of his coat, it has definitely made it look its best. It’s soft and thick, and he looks so adorable.

The biggest plus is that he’s finishing his meals.

As a pet mom, I am always looking for the best for our pets. They’re family and should eat food that is good for them. I’m also very practical and like that the bag is sturdy, and that I can seal it without a fuss.

Kimchi is eating his kibble and Gabriella pets him while he eats.

Eating Balanced

But, when it comes down to it, I look for the ingredients and the benefits it will have overall for Kimchi.

In fact, the biggest thing I look out for when choosing a pet food is that it doesn’t have any by-products or meat meals.

NOW FRESH kibble doesn’t have any. That’s already a WIN!

I love that the food is crafted by expert pet nutritionists with protein from fresh meat, whole eggs, and sustainably produced plant ingredients to help pets thrive.

They only use fresh deboned meat ingredients like turkey, salmon, and duck for premium quality, and natural nutrition.

Just before the kids started school, we took an end-of-summer trip and we had to board Kimchi for over a week.

When we’d boarded him before and sent him with his old kibble he would come home and have loose stools and bad indigestion. I know that changes in their bowels are a part of the stress and change of being in a kennel.

This time, when we picked him up, he was happy and energetic. We were pleasantly surprised that his digestion was fine and his stools were firm.

The only change this time around was his kibble. I was really pleased that it was one less thing that we’d have to worry about and it’s good for his tummy even when he’s not home.

Close up of Kimchi eating his food, the bag of NOWFRESH Puppy Kibble is behind him.

Peace of Mind

While Kimchi is a growing boy and is still on puppy kibble, I know we will be able to switch him over to the same formula but for adults once he is ready.

It will also grow with him at all stages: puppy, adult, and senior.

Our dogs are a bit like our kids, we worry when they don’t eat. We worry if they are getting enough proper nutrition. We also worry about what is in the food we feed them.

Kimchi posing by his NOWFRESH kibble and looking away all proud.

Why NOWFRESH Kibble?

I am happy feeding Kimchi NOWFRESH Kibble because of those very reasons. I know that the puppy kibble has enough fat and protein to help his growing bones.

It has omega fatty acids to support healthy brain and heart development. Not to mention, his kibble has whole eggs that are a complete protein.

They have all the essential amino acids dogs need in optimal amounts.

For good measure, they also add flaxseed which is full of vitamins and minerals. They also provide a great source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

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I also like the size of the kibble, when it’s too small like most puppy food, I find it gets inhaled more than it gets chewed.

With the medium-sized kibble of NOWFRESH, he takes his time and chews, which is better for his digestion.

If you’ve been meaning to switch your dog to a new kibble or introduce your new puppy to one, this one is it. I’ve tried it out and have seen great improvements in my pup.

You can Buy NOW Fresh Pet Foods in Canada | Homesalive.ca or order some through the NOW FRESH Amazon Brand Store.

Would you try NOWFRESH Kibble for your pet?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Kimchi is sitting in the living room next to his bag of puppy food from NOW FRESH. This article covers Falling in Love with NOW FRESH Puppy Kibble.

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