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LittleEcoFootPrint: Discovering and Trying New & Safe Eco-Friendly Products for You and Baby Each Month!


Be SAFE with LittleEcoFootprint!

Once you become a mom or a parent, you realize the dangers of the world all around you. From everyday dangers that we are all surrounded by, down to ones that you may not be aware of until you have children.

Ones that are as simple as the toys and products that your children are exposed to and the toxins that they may carry. If you’ve never heard of LittleEcoFootprint, they are a NEW Canadian company that is launching in February 15th, 2013.

I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to come on board as a Mom Blogger Expert and be part of this program to share with you the benefits and pure excitement that they offer. I try to make the most green and natural decisions that I can make when purchasing products for my family and LittleEcoFootprint is the perfect service to help you along the way.




Our goal is help other moms discover the best non-toxic and the safest products for their little ones! We know that these products will leave a lasting impression (or eco footprint!) on our sons. Doing something good for the environment, and our babies is what we feel strongly about.

LittleEcoFootPrint is a monthly-subscription service where you get to try out NEW eco-friendly products for you and baby that are safe not only for your kids but the environment as well. The company was founded by two moms with the same passion that I and I can imagine most moms share, is keeping our kids safe.

Try Before You Buy!

As of January 1st LittleEcoFootPrint is taking subscriptions for their “boxes” and you can try products before you fully commit because as amazing and worthy these products are they tend to get a bit pricey. Although I always say that the benefits highly outweigh the cost. You can find more information on LittleEcoFootprint through Facebook and Pinterest!

littleecofootprint box

Subscriptions are just $25 per month and shipping is always FREE. Each month you will receive products worth $35 to $45 for both you and baby. LittleEcoFootprint also does the work for you and caters products in your box according the the age of your little one. The boxes are great for all moms, infants and children up to the age of 3.

Each box contains products from cosmetics, personal care and wellness, organic foods, safe and non-toxic toys, natural home care and eco-living and members will also receive special offers, giveaways and tips on living a more natural life!




Ready to WIN?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am super excited to try out this service and to expand my journey in living a more greener life. The amazing peeps behind LittleEcoFootprint have graciously provided one CANADIAN Whispered Inspirations reader with the chance to WIN a 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION!

Are you ready to try taking baby steps to a more eco-friendlier, natural and green life?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I"ve been noticing the dryer balls being talked about on so many blogs! I'd really love to try them!

    Anne Taylor

  2. I'm really excited to just try any new "safe" brands! What a great way to try out some stuff you might never otherwise have had an opportunity to!

  3. What a GREAT idea, sharing this giveaway!
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  4. Oh I wish I had something like this when my kids were little!!! Such a fab idea. Now they need to do one that caters to the older kiddies!!

  5. I also would have loved something like this when my kids were baies. What a great idea. I will pass it on to my cousins and friends who have had their first little ones. 🙂
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  6. I love that this company has done the research for you! When I had my first I spent hours researching before making a purchase and now with my second even though I want to purchase Eco friendly and natural products I just don't have the time to read what's safe and what isn't. I would love to try Soapnuts one day though!
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