I Quit!

So, I’m finally doing it.

It’s long over due.

I’m finally quitting drinking Diet pop.

I’ve tried in the past and quit for a little while and then went back but, the only way I can explain it, is that I’m addicted.

The hard thing to admit is that I know how TERRIBLE it is and that I know that I am literally putting poison in my body.

Sort of when you see doctors and nurses smoke, I mean, they know how bad smoking is and what it does to your body but, they are standing outside puffing away.


Here’s a refresher for my fellow Diet-pop drinkers:

Most, if not all, Diet drinks contain Aspartame or Sucrolose. Splenda being one of them, for awhile I thought that this was a safe sugar substitute until I dug deeper and discovered quite a few astonishing facts.

  • Splenda was “discovered”, yes, d i s c o v e r e d by a grad student in London in 1976 while working on a study whose purpose was to create new insecticides.
  • DDT, a poison used to kill many pests, which is now banned has a VERY similar chemical structure as Sucralose.
  • There are many studies that claim Splenda is safe but, all studies were paid by McNeil Nutritionals–which can often lead to questionable results.
  • Scientists took the natural sugar molecule and added Chlorine to make Splenda. A known poison.
  • Studies only tested secondary effects such as tooth decay.
  • Only 6 studies were on human subjects for a span of 3 months, which most people use Splenda for years.
  • Independent studies on humans showed that Splenda impaired liver function, caused enlarged kidneys and liver, loss of red blood cells–which causes anemia, impaired mineral absorption, shrinkage of the Thymus gland (the gland that plays a big role in immunity), linked to Dementia, severe depression and sleep disorders.
  • Splenda has been linked to Lupus, Diabetes and digestive disturbances. Diarrhea, bloating, vomiting and nausea.
  • One of the biggest side effects folks, can you guess? WEIGHT GAIN.

Well, my body craves it. 

I don’t know if it’s the caffeine or if the carbonated taste that I crave but, it’s had a hold on me too long.

As a part of my getting Fit & Firm and staying motivated along this journey. I’m stopping this nasty habit. I’m going to take it day by day and slowly wean myself off of it. I’m afraid quitting cold turkey will be really bad with the caffeine intake and all. Maybe the artificial sweetener itself may cause some form of reaction. I’m also not a heavy coffee drinker but, I do enjoy a nice black coffee once in a while. When I do have a cup of coffee it will be sweetened with Stevia which by research, has been deemed safe. It’s an herb that is much sweeter than sugar and has shown no side effects.

Well, I drink lots of water and for years I’ve drank Green Tea. I haven’t had Green Tea since August and before that I couldn’t because I was pregnant then breastfeeding. I can’t drink it now because it’s high in Vitamin K and that in essence cancels out the blood thinner that I’m on.

So, it’s going to be water and organic soy milk for me.

I’m beginning to think that even though I want to be healthy, it’s sort of eliminates my efforts of eating clean, especially when I put such toxins in my body knowingly.

I am beginning to see that maybe a little caloric intake is much better than the adverse effects that this has.

P.S. my girls rarely if ever drink pop, so it’s just me addicted.

So, here’s to being motivated and to making a change that I’ve been wanting to make for so very long.

Lord help me.

What is your addiction? How do you find better alternatives?

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Til then, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Good luck with your adventure in quitting diet pop! I once read that the more you drink, the more you body craves it, maybe that is what you were experiencing.

    With me and pop – it's all or nothing, there is no in between. I've chosen nothing but it is hard to turn down sometimes.

    You can do this girl!

    1. I'm aiming for nothing at all. But, I drink about 2 a day and maybe 3 depending. I'm going to eliminate one every week or 2. Then hopefully I won't be so reliant on it. Thank-you so much, I appreciate the support!

  2. I am with you on this one. I am cutting out the pop too. Have you ever tried almond milk? It is very yummy, high in protein, low in calories and just delicious. I add it to smoothies and sometimes I add it to my coffee! Fit & Firm baby!

    1. Oh yes, I'm obsessed with it. I make my smoothies with them all the time and the girls love it. That's what I'm going to be drinking, water, soy milk and almond milk. But, not too often. 🙂 Just the water.

  3. My mother never let us have "diet" anything or artificial sweeteners when I was growing up… she was so obsessively against it, that I was always 'fearful' of it and never got into drinking anything diet. I very rarely drink pop, it's a treat at a restaurant now-and-then thing for me and I don't keep it in my fridge. If I do, I just order regular coke. One glass of regular coke over my regular diet that barely includes coke isn't a big deal in the long run — it's all about balance, and having more healthy input than unhealthy, and keeping active.

    My boyfriend jokes that I'm addicted to coffee… and I do loooove my coffee… but even that addiction is like, one large coffee a day, maybe another in the afternoon. That's barely an addiction, as I know some people who brew an entire pot and work their way through it, haha. I do love the taste and the warmth of it, but I think I have a normal intake of it. Not willing to cut it.

    Good luck, I know it'll be a challenge as your body adjusts but the more you stay away from it the less you'll crave it. You are making a good decision!

    1. Thanks, my diet is generally pretty good. If I don't fall off the wagon. I like clean, raw, organic and natural foods. It's just this one thing that I need to stop. I like coffee too and don't have a problem with that. But, I definitely don't give it to the girls because I KNOW it's so bad. 🙂 The holidays did a number on me, it's hard to go back to eating clean. But, not impossible. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Wow! Good luck, sweets!!! I'm rootin' for ya! I know how hard it is to be addicted to Coke or Pepsi…or cigarettes…among other things! Hubby and I don't drink pop or smoke, but my family members can't live without both. Surprisingly, since health scares have affected our family members on several accounts. They just say that they cannot do without. They've tried on several accounts to quit pop and cigarettes, but to no avail. The cigarettes – they tried the patch, the gum, hypnosis, etc…and still nothing.

    I'm not equating pop to cigarettes, but the addiction to the two are both pretty strong.

    All the best! xoxox

  5. After beating alcohlism I just kicked my 4 diet pops a day habit. Now I have 1 a week as a treat.

    Oh and I'm a smoker…one thing at a time and the two cannot be compared

    1. I need to get rid of my habit. I can't relate when it comes to smoking as I've never smoked but, I have drank. A lot. But, haven't had a drop since 2008. I think Christine meant that, they are both addictions. But, obviously in very different levels. 🙂

  6. Good decision. Your will power is important! I think the treat once in a while is a good idea, and you will enjoy that ONE so much more 🙂 I'm a little addicted to a glass of wine, some says that's healthy, but I know I have to be very careful. Good luck with your efforts – you can do it!!

    1. Oh yes, wine is very healthy. In moderation of course! 🙂 But, you know, I love almond milk, it's just the cals I'm not used to when drinking my favorite drinks. 😀

  7. Good for you. I had no idea how bad splenda could be for you though. Being diabetic and hating the taste of the other sweeteners, it tries to be the main sugar go to alternative. I say tries because except for in whipcream which I can't really taste it, I can still taste it in everything else and HATE it. Let's just say I'm glad I'm so sensitive to the after taste because I've never gotten addicted.

    Good luck with your resolution! YOu can do it!

    1. I don't mind the aftertaste. Which is why I am addicted. 🙂 Since you are diabetic, perhaps using Stevia is a good bet? Thanks so much, I need lots of luck and will power!

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