Brilliant Changes To Make Your Backyard Better!

Gorgeous living room that leads to backyard.

Brilliant Changes To Make Your Backyard Better!

There are numerous design tips and tricks that help homeowners improve the interior of their home. They help to add more light, colour, and warmth. Those same ideas can be used too to improve the look and feel of your backyard. If you have a dark and gloomy backyard, here are some brilliant changes that you can make. 

Lighting Renovations

It’s easy for a backyard to feel open and welcoming during the day-time. Especially when the air is warm and the sun is shining. When it grows late, the space can feel gloomy and unpleasant in comparison. Below is a brief list of lighting ideas that you should consider investing in. That way, your backyard will be enjoyable at any time of the day.

  • Use pillar candles or old-fashioned lanterns to bring a soft and romantic glow to the backyard.
  • For a more colourful approach, you can place beautiful paper lanterns around the area.
  • Try setting out painted mason jars with lit candles inside.
  • Hang string lights from the roof, drape them along fences, wrap them around pergolas or coil them around trees in your backyard. The twinkling décor can quickly transform any back patio or garden into a whimsical space. Plus, it makes it perfect for big parties and intimate get-togethers.
  • If you are worried about using too much electricity, there are environmentally-friendly solutions. For example, there are solar powered lights designed for your deck, steps, pathways and even your planters.
Glass Exterior Entrances

Don’t block your view of the outdoors by having an opaque exterior door made of wood, fiberglass or steel. Embrace the natural beauty and light by installing glass terrace doors or sliding patio doors. If your house is already equipped with glass exterior doors, you may want to check if they are in good shape or if they are in need of an upgrade.

You will notice that it’s time to finally replace that sliding door or set of terrace doors if there are air drafts and moisture leaks entering the house. Another reason would be if the doors continue to get stuck or if they don’t match the style of your home. Get your replacements from a reliable window and door company that can provide quality replacements for your backyard improvement like Golden Windows. They have been manufacturing and distributing superior products for homeowners, builders, and renovators for over fifty years.

Garden Mirrors

Interior design experts recommend adding mirrors and reflective surfaces to amplify natural light and give the illusion of spaciousness in rooms. Do this by placing large decorative mirrors in your garden or yard will have similar effects as their indoor counterparts. Insert the mirror around foliage or in a slightly shaded area of the yard, so that it won’t reflect too much sunlight. If the sun is strong, the reflection could end up ruining your plants or furniture.

Style experts often recommend putting up unique light fixtures, opening up doorways and decorating with mirrors to add space and warmth to a room. This exact advice can be applied to your backyard renovation so that it can feel brilliant, even when the sun isn’t shining.

How do you improve your backyard?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. We’re working on improving our backyard today (I’m just taking a break to get my baby down for a nap) but we are at the cutting/pruning bushes and trees and removing shrubs stage not the putting anything in stage. I like the idea of adding lights. My mother-in-law has some neat solar powered lamps in hers

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