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Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It’s All Here

Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It's All Here.

Massachusetts Summer Festivals. 

It’s All Here.

As someone who loves to travel and who was bitten by the travel bug very early in life, I am disappointed in saying that I’ve yet to travel to Massachusetts. My husband, however, has traveled there on business and a little bit of pleasure on the side. He was able to explore the city and partake in a lot of what it has to offer.

The seafood, the chowder, the ambiance and the history behind this state is something that has me craving to visit. And visit really soon. My family and I love a good road trip and we’ve taken many. I think what is so great about them is the fact that you can take your time, stop and truly discover the state.

Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It's All Here.

Take It All In!

One of the many things that Massachusetts has to offer is the many unique and exciting Summer Festivals that it hosts. From their traditional array of world-class museums and attractions to an exciting lineup of special exhibits, theatrical performances, and festivals, there’s more than enough to entertain travellers with all interests and backgrounds this summer. You can always book a Comfort Tour and make it an adventure!

Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It's All Here.

A Few Summer Festivals in Massachusetts:
Cambridge Arts Festival, Cambridge

This annual festival focuses on emerging artists and provides a space for artists, musicians and performers to display their talents at no charge.

Outside the Box Festival, Boston

Outside The Box 2013 is the first annual, citywide, multi-arts festival based in Boston, Massachusetts. With a wealth of theatres, concert halls, conservatories, performing arts centers, and educational institutions for the arts in the region, Outside The Box will capture talent and enthusiasm and generate creative energy from every corner of the city.

Salem Jazz and Soul Festival

This free, two-day festival occurring August 17-18 renews the vibrant jazz scene that began in Salem in the 1920’s, when musicians from the Big Band era played at the seaside park in Massachusetts. The festival adds soul, blues, and funk while highlighting talented musicians from Boston’s North Shore and beyond.

Cape Cod Five Pops in the Park Concert, Orleans

The 24th Annual Cape Cod Five Pops in the Park Concert will be held Saturday, August 24 at Eldredge Field from 5-7 pm, with gates open at 3 pm. The Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra will be performing with Artistic Director and Conductor Jung-Ho Pak. Tickets are $20 in advance for lawn seats and $50 for festival seats, with VIP tables available.

10th Asian Festival, Worcester

The Southeast Asian Coalition and the various Asian communities in Central Massachusetts come together to celebrate and share their cultural heritage through dance performances, costumes, music, and food from many Asian countries. The festival will take place June 30th at the Italian-American Cultural Center in Worcester.

Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It's All Here.

Ready to Visit Massachusetts?
I am!

After seeing everything Massachusetts has to offer, I really want to visit and we will put it on our list. There are so many things to do with the family. We often travel with my parents who give us time to go on “dates” while we vacation. That way, we are able to take advantage of all the fun for big kids at night. I think we would take advantage of the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival if it were just Hubby and I.

Whenever we visit a new city or state, I like to discover the history behind it all. I absolutely love history and architecture. Being able to see places that I’ve only seen in books is priceless. Plus, walking the same streets that many famous and sometimes infamous people have walked is pretty cool.

Massachusetts Summer Festivals: It's All Here.

Plan Your Trip!

For a full list of summer events and even more arts and cultural attractions, visit www.massvacation.com. Also, “Like” them on Facebook at Visit Massachusetts and “Follow” them on Twitter at @VisitMA!

Have you ever been to Massachusetts?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I would love to visit Boston–so many times we've come close as we have friends in other parts of the state–it needs to be a must very soon! who knew so many fun times to do–especially the harbor area and the hot air ballons! thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I can only imagine that there is so much to do in that area and the hot air balloons totally reeled me in.

  2. Those hot air balloons are beautiful! My husband would absolutely love to attend the jazz festival. One of our first "dates" post marriage was to a jazz club (with a bunch of Serbian bikers…it was kinda awesome & scary at the same time) and it's good memories for us!

  3. Wow, that is definitely not a place that I'd think of first when talking about a getaway but after seeing there is a lot to do there, I'd love to go!

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