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This July, @TELUS Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants! July is Cellphone Courtesy Month. Practice Good Cell Phone Manners, The World Will Thank-You!

@Telus Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants

@Telus Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants!

Your cell phone, that is…

We all know how that our phones keep us connected, social and in the know. It’s the fastest form of  communication and you can literally be connected with people and brands worldwide at any given moment.

TELUS are clearly enablers of constant connectivity and admittedly somewhat distracting devices… so naturally, they decided to do the responsible thing.

They are inspiring their customers – and their friends – to practice good cell phone manners. They’re inviting you to share their cellphone etiquette “fails” on their #KeepItInYourPants Tumblr page.

@Telus Wants You to #KeepItInYourPants

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I have to say that I am very guilty of tweeting and tweeting A LOT. What my Hubby thinks is my worst cell phone FAIL is when I am reading and tweeting while we are going to and from destinations. When we reach our destination, him and the kids are out of the car and I am still inside tweeting or replying to that email that I just received notification for.

Then he taps the window.

But, one thing that I do try to do is have “unplugged” time with the family, especially during meal times. I set the phone down and don’t pick it up again and put it out of sight and out of mind. I give major props to my Hubby for putting up with that but, he is guilty of cell-phone crimes too!

We all are!

Ever seen someone walk smack into a phone pole while texting and walking? Maybe you’ve even been the perpetrator of a “cellphone crime” like checking your phone while on a dinner date (or, god forbid, while at the theatre in the middle of a show?) It is a total no-no.

TELUS Shares Some Helpful Tips:
  1. Don’t whip it out while the barista whips your latte – baristas are people too, so let your girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend off the hook while you pay for your coffee, then call them back.
  2. Don’t start a fuss, respect the people on the bus – the entire bus, subway or streetcar does not need to know about your Friday night escapades at 8:30 on Monday morning. Remember there are other people around you, so wait until you have a minute to yourself!
  3. It’s weird to do your business while you’re doing your business (in a public bathroom) – this one goes without saying, but no one really wants to be on the receiving end of THAT conversation!
Join In!

For more tips, follow us @TELUS and the #KeepItInYourPants hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, and join the conversation on Tumblr!

I think I have also been very guilty of texting while walking and have either overstepped a step or missed the bottom one. Luckily, I didn’t trip and fall, you’d think I’d learn my lesson!

What are some cell phone faux pas you are guilty of and do you make time for unplugged moments?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I'm definitely guilty of answering the phone in the bathroom but most times I try to send it to voicemail.

  2. all business should be private! lol that is a funny one! I'm not really one of these hard care fanatics attached to their phone but I know a lot of them!

    1. I am guilty as charged when it comes to being attached to my phone. I am happy to report my last weekend off, I let my phone die and didn\’t charge it all weekend. 🙂 PROUD.

  3. I'm guilty of all three 🙁 This summer I am trying to unplug and have at least one day away from the gadgets! So far not doing so well. LOL

  4. These are great tips, and presented in a hilarious way! I'm guilty f texting when I'm with someone else, but that's pretty much it. I don't even know where my phone is right now.

  5. I'm guilty of bringing the phone to bed! We now have a no phone in the bed rule!
    My recent post San Diego in Four Days – By Foot, Trolley and Boat #travel

    1. OMG, totally forgot about that one! I think that\’s how I fall asleep. Read on my phone til I get sleepy and then put the phone away. Both Hubby and I, I don\’t think that rule would be enforced here.

  6. Nice tagline, lol. It will certainly catch attention! I don't get mine out too much, but sometimes I can be guilty of the above offenses. 🙂

  7. I have had my phone at the table and I have to stop it. I take a lot of food pics, but still, I end up on twitter half the time. I heart this hashtag 🙂

    1. LOL, I do that too. Even when I have it at the table I turn it upside down and try not to touch it! 🙂

  8. I love that! It's SO true, and it drives me to the edge of crazy and a mile beyond when I see people talking/texting while they're at the register. Put down the phone, look in someone's eyes and be polite!!!

  9. Too funny! Your worst cell phone fail sounds like mine! 🙂 Miss you, my friend! Need to catch up soon! xo

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