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Why You Need a Nest Thermostat to Save Money All Year! #tech

Nest Thermostat

Why You Need a Nest Thermostat to Save Money All Year Round!

I absolutely love my Nest Thermostat because it helps me to be eco-friendly and save money on my monthly utility bill too.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first pulled my Nest Thermostat out of the package because I thought that it would most likely be difficult to install.  To my surprise, it was quite simple and self-explanatory. All I needed to do was remove my old thermostat and replace this new one in its spot. I know it seems like it may be difficult but, they explain how to do it and you can even hop online if you need a guide on how to install the Nest.

Once I had my Nest Thermostat in place, I set it at the temperature that I wanted for that day and walked away.  Before bed that night, I did remember to go back over to the thermostat and turn the heat down for the night.  This is something that I am not very good at remembering, so I am happy that with my Nest Thermostat, I will only have to remember to do it for a week.

More About the Nest:

The Nest Thermostat now has a ring to fit any home’s style. Choose copper to add a warm touch. Stainless steel is perfect for a classic, versatile look. Black blends in with dark walls and stylish decor. And white looks great in simple, modern homes. You can get it for $249.99.


A Week, You Say?

Now if you are all wondering why I only need to remember this for a week and thinking that I am crazy, let me explain.  The Nest Thermostat actually learns your schedule during that first week and will adjust the temperature inside your house accordingly.  You will no longer get halfway to work and wonder if you turned the heat down before you left.  The thermostat has sensors as well that connect to my phone, so if we leave the house during the time that we are normally home, it will automatically lower the temperature inside the house. 

If I know that my schedule is changing or that my children will be home sooner than normal, I can simply use the Nest App to adjust the temperature inside the house before anyone arrives home. The best part is that you can adjust the temperature from your phone no matter where you are! The app also allows me to look at how much energy my household has used each day and month and shares helpful hints on how I can reduce my energy usage and save money.

I also get a monthly report which compares my stats to other Nesters in my region and it even places you in a percentage in comparison to other Nesters. I’m happy to report that I am always in the top end of Nesters because not only has the Nest helped control our usage, it’s helped me to become more conscious and more efficient in our overall use. I love getting all those leaves!

Nest Thermometer-01

Save Money.

Nest shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History and every month in your Home Report. So you can see when you use more energy, like on weekends or Monday nights. Knowing this helps you as a home owner to use less and over time save more money. I found the biggest issue I had before was leaving the heat or central air on for long periods of time and continuously. Even when we weren’t home and this wasn’t beneficial.

How much did I save? Well, over the year I saved about $138 for the year. To me, that’s substantial considering that getting a nest is an investment but, it pays for itself within a year or two. Depending on your usage and weather. Since the weather really composes how we use energy to heat and cool. 

The Nest can be paired with other cool gadgets like their Nest Outdoor camera, smoke alarm and so many other pretty wicked tech that will make your home more connected. One of my favorite things in my home is the Philips Hue bulbs. Life-changing, I tell ya!

This thermostat is a great way to keep my energy consumption down and save money without doing any extra work.  I can go about my normal day-to-day tasks and never think about the temperature of my house ever again. If this is what you’re looking for too, consider getting yourself a Nest thermostat. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

How do you control your energy consumption?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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