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Make Your House a Home with New Home Decor

Neutral living space with green plants, neutral wood table and chair and silver lamp.

Make Your House a Home with New Home Decor

Changing your home decor and creating a space just for your loved ones can be the best surprise. It is feeling the satisfaction of making your house a home.

Making it feel cozy and comfortable with new home decor. It is amazing what a little change can do. Bit by bit, you can turn your house into your dream home.

We have been slowly adding more decor and adding a lot of memories. We do this with little things that bring joy and a smile to our faces.

Adding personal touches like pictures, sentimental items, and heirlooms make a big difference.

Creating a home with things that remind us of good times helps to boost our energy and that “feel good” feeling of being home. To achieve this, we sometimes have to plan and be meticulous while making it look effortless.

Read on to see how you can do it!

Plan the Decor

Before you begin, it is important to decide on the kind of style you want. There are many styles that look good and are trendy.

Decorating styles could be transitional (a marriage of traditional and contemporary), contemporary or modern.

You can go for a rustic look too, that is my favorite. The next step is to focus on one room at a time and make a plan for each room.

Coordinating the Colors

Create a palette of colors for the walls and the rooms. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform any space.

It can make it look warm and bright depending on the color you choose.

Neutral colors like grey, white, beige, and yellow look fresh and cool and they complement everything in the room.

You can even consider adding texture. Do this by putting in felt wall covering with felt wall panels. It can really give a new look to the whole space.

Stylish Furniture

The best thing to do is to buy furniture that is timeless. One that can stand the test of time and still be stylish and trendy.

A comfy sofa in the living room with colorful cushions looks classy and stylish. You can use cushions to add color to neutral furniture and even texture with fur or crochet.

Side tables and coffee tables with chairs and stylish ottomans add a style statement. Make it functional and in the style that works for y0u.

Choosing a dining table is important. It is a statement piece. Do you need a large table to accommodate a lot of people?

Would a round cozier table do? Do you prefer bar height? Think of your lifestyle and what you will be doing in the space and decide.

We chose a farmhouse table that we made with our own hands that accommodates 8 people.

If you love to read, why not dedicate a space for it? Add a bookshelf on an entire wall with your favorite books.

Not only do bookshelves give you space to store and display books, but you can also add small pieces of decor in between.

Add greenery, picture shelves, and trinkets that suit the style you’ve chosen. Whether it is modern, classic, rustic, or an eclectic mix of it all!

The kitchen can be made to be more functional. Use floating shelves to add more storage or the farmhouse look.

You can even make some cabinets with glass fronts. By doing this, you can show off your best set of plates or mugs!

Colorful Rug

Rugs with bright colors add warmth to any space. While choosing more neutral colors helps you to showcase other decor or furniture in the living space. Rugs are a great way to add texture and color and it gives the space a more cozy feel.

 Stylish Lighting

Lighting in every room is incredibly important. Lights can really set the mood and tone of any space. Illuminating the rooms with stylish wall lighting makes the living space look bright and creates a beautiful ambiance.

The rooms can be fixed with eye-catching fixtures to create a stimulating visual impact. You can add a chandelier in the living room for a more luxurious look.

Putting up Pictures and Art Pieces

Adding personal pictures to the walls makes a house a home. Adding family photos and beautiful art pieces on the walls add the final personal touches a home needs.

You can decorate the bedroom walls with beautiful art pieces that suit your style. For example, PhotoWall has so many options like prints, posters, and wallpaper to choose from.

Gallery walls make a statement while showcasing your best memories or making a wallpaper accent wall can change a room completely.

Adding Greenery

Putting plants inside is like bringing the outdoors inside. Plants and flowers help to bring life into any space with brightening colors and fragrances.

They can be put in pots and hung in baskets on the walls. The beautiful ferns and flowers bring freshness and re-oxygenate the air inside. 

The flowers look beautiful in vases when placed in any room.

Creating a beautiful home for your family is important. After all, it is a place where you create life and go through the best of times and the worst of times.

A place where your kids grow up and where you grow old.

The feeling of home is invaluable.

That is why Darasak and I have planned the decor one room at a time and by really flushing out our style, our house looks like a home. The kids love it, and that tells you a lot!

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Do you have any home decor tips?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Make your house a home with new home decor. It is amazing what a little change can do. Bit by bit, you can turn your house into your dream home. #tips #homedecor

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