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Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Nokia Lumia 635.

It’s going to make back to school time a breeze.

In exactly one week, not only one of my daughters but, both will be in school full-time. While I’ve been really down and out about this, the reality of this is that I will have more free time during the day. But, it will also be double duty and doubly busier with both kids in school and in extra-curricular activities. When I had the opportunity to make this transition to back to school much easier, I jumped at the chance of reviewing the Nokia Lumia 635.

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Simple and Sturdy Design.

The Nokia Lumia 635 has a sleek and fun design. The phone I was sent came with a black and bright green shell. These are easy to remove and reapply. The case feels safe in your hands and since the shell is sturdy, it seconds as a protective case. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that it is shock-proof or shatterproof. But, if you are careful with your devices, you will feel comfortable with the phone as it is.

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS


With a ClearBlack 4.5-inch LCD screen that’s super-tough, the Lumia 635 is built to last. It also offers wide-viewing angles so you can sit back and enjoy games and web browsing with Internet Explorer 11.

The design of the phone itself is simple and on the right side has the volume button and the power button. At the top, you’ll find the port for your headphones and at the back is the camera. There is no front-facing camera so taking selfies is a bit more difficult but, not impossible. Just do it the old school way with the back camera like we used to do!

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Amazing Value.

Smartphones are an investment. They are definitely not cheap, the Nokia Lumia 635 is an affordable phone that is great for anyone and perfect for older folks, teens or anyone who is starting out in the smartphone world. It retails for $199 outright or you can get one for $0.00 on select 2-year plans at Rogers. Activate the Nokia Lumia 635 on the Rogers LTE network to take advantage of super-fast speeds so you can catch sports highlights, share photos on social media, stream videos and more, with virtually no buffering or delays.

It is loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 to deliver the most personal smartphone experience, the Lumia 635 is packed with amazing features and you can’t go wrong with such an incredible price. The new Action Centre makes social updates and settings one swipe away and you can make your start screen distinctly your own by adding a background photo to see your real-time Live Tiles come to life.

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Amazing Apps.

Other new standout features that simply make life easier include Word Flow, Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, individual volume controls, plus Microsoft’s Office Mobile and OneDrive provide a high-end productivity and cloud-based experience for everyone. OneDrive is a great app that helps me to transfer files between my cell phone and computer. I can upload pictures, files and so much more and using it on a daily basis ups my productivity significantly. Microsoft Office is AMAZING, you want productivity well, you got it! You will be able to access your word documents, PDF’s and spreadsheets.

So, no matter where you are, you can work and be productive. I particularly love Data Sense, it allows me to set a data limit and monitor my data usage. It will give me a warning if I’ve surpassed my limit and overall, it will help with overcharges. No one likes them and if your kids are using the phone, you will be able to keep tabs on their usage. WiFi Sense is another awesome option, you simply turn it on and the phone will memorize every WiFi password and authentication pages of your favorite hot spots. So, whenever you go to those hot spots, you’ll be connected!


Easy Navigation.

Using the phone is simple and in just a few swipes, you are able to access everything you need to. It truly is a customizable gem and you can have the world as you want it in the palm of your hand. With the quad-core Snapdragon processor,  the Lumia 635 is a snappy performer.


Nokia’s signature apps, HERE Drive+, HERE Maps, Nokia Camera, and MixRadio are all at hand to solidify your Windows Phone experience. HERE Maps is an absolutely amazing app since it allows you to download maps to your favorite destinations and be able to use them in your GPS. After you’ve downloaded them, you won’t need a SIM card or data to use the maps with your GPS. Since I travel often, this is a godsend and it won’t leave me stranded or facing hefty overages.

MixRadio is a free streaming app for all music lovers, it allows you to listen to music for FREE with the option of purchasing as well. What I love about it is that you can even give the radio a thumbs up or thumbs down and it will learn what type of music you like and want to hear. You can see it LIVE in the video above!

Nokia Lumia 635: Affordable. Productive and Dependable. #NokiaBTS

Great Value Smartphone.

All in all, this phone packs a serious punch. This was my first experience with a Windows phone and since I am PC girl, it really blew my mind. I love that it is customizable, helps with productivity and organization and also has tons of ways to have fun. It is a well-rounded phone with high-end capabilities at a low and affordable price.

I will be using this phone for organizational purposes and to take my work with me. It will really help with my work when I am here and there with the girls this school year.  One thing is for sure, we have already used the HERE apps on this phone and will continue to do so. They are apps and functions that I’ve never seen before and I’ve used many a phone in my day.

Which feature of the Nokia Lumia 635 do you like the most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



Note: I am participating in the Nokia Lumia 635 Back To School Blog Campaign with enCompass Media and received product and payment as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinion on this blog are my own.

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  1. I'm so jealous! I want one of these really bad. I usually use my smart phone for phone, email and entertainment, but this would be really cool to use for organization and productivity.

  2. I love the sleek look of this phone! And easy of use is always a huge plus feature! I hate phones where I can' t find what I'm looking for because the app/setting is in some obscure location.

  3. I love learning about new technology! This nokia looks like it is really user friendly and I love the music app.
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  4. Looks like a great phone and a decent price. I broke my last one and it cost me a fortune to replace. I am so nervous about breaking another one now!

  5. Totally going to check this out next time I am at the store.
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  6. That looks like a really nice phone. It is certainly affordable too and would make a great phone for back to school. I like the colored shell!
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  7. I've been eyeing the Lumia. It looks really attractive, and I've heard it's a great phone.
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  8. What an awesome little phone. First of all, that green is awesome and second… wow, look at all it does… what fun. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love when tech is user friendly. It's great that it comes with the case!
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  10. I have always loved the bright colors the Lumia come in, and the option to have the 14mp camera is just great. Now I only need to decide if I can make the switch to a Windows phone.

  11. There was a time when I thought that kids with cell phone was pampering. I don't think that way anymore. Now I see them as a way to make sure my child is safe. She can call me in an emergency or I can call her. And we are all too aware that emergencies can happen at school.

  12. Last time I was cell phone shopping I almost got this one!! The camera is amazing (even better than my iPhone's). And that bright color is to die for!!

  13. My son absolutely loves his Nokia phone, even though it is a different generation. It is favorite phone.
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  14. My son absolutely loves his Nokia phone, even though it is a different generation. It is favorite phone.
    My recent post Muppets Most Wanted is Here

  15. This is such a cool phone.. My son has been bagging for weeks to get it.. he soo wants a windows phone and use apps.. Great review, thanks for sharing; I may surprise him for his Birthday

  16. Most of my phones have been Nokia, I've always liked the ease of use with them. It's looking more and more like I need a new phone so this may well be the one for me.

  17. What a gorgeous looking phone! The only thing that turns me off of it is that it runs Windows and I currently have an Android. I am the worst at learning new technology and just got groovin' with the Android O/S.

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