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PlanetBox Lunch Box: Being Eco-Friendly and Packing Healthy Back to School Lunches! #green


PlanetBox Lunch Box.
The ultimate lunchbox.

Packing healthy and litter-less lunches is something I have always been passionate about since my eldest started school six years ago.  I’ve always used bentos and have tried many different kinds. I have heard amazing things about PlanetBox and had seen how awesome it is. I loved how it would help me pack well-balanced meals quickly and easily. With school less than a week away, it isn’t too late to get in on this amazing lunchbox. It’s part bento, part TV dinner tray–I am intrigued. You?


Variety and Versatility.

There are three different types of boxes, the Launch, Rover and Shuttle. I was stoked to receive the Rover for review simply because of the compartments and size. It holds about 4 1/2 cups of food and has 5 compartments and 2 dippers.  It is perfect for a snacker and a child who loves options. Gabby is a light eater and likes variety, small portions get her full. So, the Rover works perfectly for her.


Well-Made and Sturdy.

PlanetBox is made out of non-toxic materials and made from stainless steel. Stainless steel works for foods โ€“ itโ€™s safe, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable, and doesn’t pick up yucky food odors or stains like plastic does. A problem that I’ve faced in the past. Above all, it is dishwasher safe (which is awesome) and customizable to your child. With fun and removable magnets, your child will love their Planet even more! Gabby has the  Retro Kitty magnets and carry bag in Power Purple. They have a wide array of different type of magnets and carry bags in different designs and colors.



Perfect Portions.

One of the things that I love the most about PlanetBox is the portions. I will be happy every day packing lunches that I know will fill my kids with energy and nutrition. Not to mention, I’m happy that I can continue helping the planet by packing litter-less lunches and making less waste. 

The fruit and veggie compartment holds 3/4 cup of cut up fruits and veggies. I changed things up and used one of the section for some onigiri (rice balls) since my daughter absolutely loves to eat them with their chicken. The other fruit and veggie compartment I added fresh blueberries, a strawberry and watermelon.

The main compartment, I packed an organic spinach salad with colby jack cheese and croutons. A side of spicy BBQ glazed chicken breast and in the Little Dipper, french dressing. In the long compartment, I packed organic cheddar crackers from Horizon.  The sweet spot was reserved for oven roasted dark chocolate almonds.


 The Big Dipper.

It’s reserved for wet and messy foods! I packed some of Gabby’s favorite strawberry Stonyfield yogurt, with fresh blueberries and some Nature’s Path Love Crunch granola with dark chocolate and strawberries. Big Dipper parfait anyone? This can also be reserved for pastas and much, much more!



Plan-It Box?

Yes, indeedy! One of the coolest things that you can do is plan your meals for the week right on PlanetBox! All you have to do is sign-up (super-easy sign-up) and you will automatically be able to plan out your week’s lunches. You can choose from the foods that are available or you can customize it with your own foods. 

After you’ve planned it, you can share it with the world and the rest of the Planet-Box community. This is super helpful because we all get in those “what to pack for lunch” ruts, right? I know I do and having inspiration is always a great thing! You can get more information and sign-up to start planning, sharing and loving, here.



Ready for Back to School!

Gabby is stoked for back to school! She’s even happier to have such an awesome lunch box because recess and nutrition breaks are super important right? Especially for kids! I love the carry bag because it has a detachable over the shoulder strap or can be used by the short handle at the top of the bag. One of the best things about this bag is that there is an outside pocket for extra snacks or the Big Dipper. The other pocket is for a reusable water bottle!



Some Things to Consider.

The PlanetBox is not insulated so you will have to make sure you add an ice pack to keep highly perishable foods cool. The inside liner of the carry bag is perfect to add a cooling pack. The carry bags are insulated so this will help keep your food cool and safe. The lunch boxes are not meant to be heated up, you can place warm food (not boiling) into the tray and it will be room temperature by lunch time. 

PlanetBox Bug

Are YOU Ready for Back to School Lunches?

There’s a PlanetBox for everyone and if you are looking for a way to pack healthier, litter-less lunches. PlanetBox is the way to go. Mimi, my youngest, loves it and we will be getting her one as well. If you want more information please visit www.planetbox.com or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Do you make bento or litter-less lunches for your kids?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. This is a great idea! I love the compartments and the carrying case. It's also better for the environment to use just this instead of baggies.
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  2. Love this lunchbox. The print on the outside is super cool, and I love the compartments.
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  3. What a great lunchbox! I have never heard of them before but I really like everything about them.
    I think Bento Box lunches are so much fun. They make the same boring healthy food engaging and interesting and I bet the kids that get packed the junk food because it is easier wish their parents would make them Bento Boxes sometimes.
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  4. Now that is a lunchbox I can fall in love with! I love all the compartments! And that they have lids to keep everything from spilling over into the next compartment! It looks awesome!

  5. These are really cool. I like that they're metal rather than cheap flimsy plastic like most lunchboxes I see. Looks like it would last a long time too.
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  6. I just love how eco-friendly this lunch system is, and those individual compartments. Our kids always have a 'thing' about food touching, and I have a 'thing' about them eating a variety of foods!

  7. I love all the little compartments! That would be perfect for my youngest who doesn't like his food to touch lol.

  8. I love hoe organized these are – and such great designs! I've never seen one in person before, I may have to check these out!

  9. Planetbox is a new name for me. Their products look great! It's been a few years since I've had to pack a lunch for my boy, he's pretty self sufficient that way now that he's a teen. But soon, I have to start planning out lunches for my little girl….I'm really liking the Bento style I'm seeing everywhere, even started collecting some shape cutters for sandwiches, etc.

  10. These are awesome! I am going to have to find these for my kids. They love cold lunch and we have lots of allergies so we pack often.

  11. I love these containers, I just have one question, the sandwiches still stay fresh? I'm always worried the bread will dry out

  12. I love these lunch containers, my biggest concern is the sandwiches, do they stay fresh, the bread doesn't dry out does it?? I think that is my biggest concern

  13. I love this lunch box system. I have been trying to find one that works for us and I think this might just do the trick. Off to check out their website!

  14. That is a SERIOUS lunch box! I love it, as we do pack all our lunches but it's a pain to wash all the individual little containers separately!

  15. what fantastic containers these are. I love the fact that there are lots of small compartments for different foods and that there's a carrying case to go with it. Very attractive it is too – will have to suggest these for my grandchildren ๐Ÿ™‚

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