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Parenting Hacks That Make A World Of Difference

A mom and her daughter cuddle nose-to-nose on the bed. They are smiling and very happy. This article covers parenting hacks that make a world of a difference.

Parenting Hacks That Make A World Of Difference

When you’re a parent, you need all the help that you can get. It’s not just the big things that matter, but all the small things too.

It all adds up. 

Read on to discover some minor parenting hacks that make a world of difference. 

Dinner Time Whistles

Rounding everyone up for dinner is a challenge for parents. Often you have to shout until your voice is hoarse.

But some savvy moms have figured out a solution: just use a whistle. 

It turns out that you can train children really well with whistles. The moment it sounds, they know that food is ready and that it’s time to eat.

It’s cheap and works remarkably well. 

Personally, we have a dinner bell (kinda like a cow bell) and I find it works really well to get the kids’ attention in a fun way.

Let Them Do The Chores

Kids will naturally want to help you, so long as you don’t make them feel pressured to do so. Next time you’re doing the vacuuming, for instance, just hand them the vacuum and tell them to “have a go.”

When you frame chores positively like this, you bypass any resistance to being told what to do. 

Eventually, kids will get used to the idea of doing work around the home. You can then just ask them to chip in when you need help.

They will often be willing to serve you if they can see that you’re tired. 

Buy Snap-On Sheets

Forget old-fashioned sheets, snap-on is the future. Snap-on sheets are different in that they come with an elasticated band around the edge.

You simply clip these onto the mattress — no annoying tucking requires.

You can also buy a cot fitted sheet. These are the same, but for cribs. 

Provide Screen Detox Times

Screens are alluring to children. They can use them to find out pretty much whatever they want about the world.

It seems like a good thing, but if you really think about it, it’s not.

When you can find out whatever you want about the world, it takes away some of the wonder and mystery. 

As a parent, you can create a healthier family by allowing screen detox time. Figure out ways to spend time away from screens better so that kids will want to do it. 

Trim Bangs With Nose Hair Scissors

Nose hair scissors are genius because they prevent people from accidentally damaging their nasal cavities. They’re also great for parents worried about trimming their kids’ bangs. 

Speaking of hygiene, Family Dental in Batavia IL also recommends using interdental brushes instead of dental floss to make it easier for kids to clean between their teeth.

Flatten Toilet Paper

Children of all ages have a habit of using more toilet paper than they strictly need. Often, they accidentally try to pull too much off the roll.

This leaves them with handfuls of sheets they don’t actually use. 

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One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to flatten the toilet paper roll before you install it on the rail.

This way, it can’t spin as fast when your kids tug on it, reducing waste. 

Replace Shoelaces With Elastic Turnup Laces

Elastic turnup laces are one of the best inventions ever for kids who haven’t yet learned how to tie their shoelaces. They just pull on the cords and, voila – job done!

While these may seem like seemingly simple things, they really do make a world of a difference.

Do you have any parenting hacks to share?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A mom and her daughter cuddle nose-to-nose on the bed. They are smiling and very happy. This article covers parenting hacks that make a world of a difference.

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