Calming Pastimes for Overworked Parents

A smiling baby is being tickled by his mom, it is a top view looking down at the baby. He lies on blankets.

Calming Pastimes for Overworked Parents

It’s a well-known truth that parenting is a full-time job. One that demands your complete dedication to be carried out successfully.

It’s easy to lose sight of the need for rest when there’s a whole household to manage.

Beyond a good night’s sleep, which should be a non-negotiable priority, what we’re talking about here is having an activity you do exclusively for fun.

It should be something you’re passionate about and enjoy for the pure pleasure of participating, regardless of any praise or monetary compensation that comes your way.

Activities like these can soothe a weary body after a full shift of chasing little ones around the house.

They can return the mind to a place of calm and quiet, where stress wouldn’t dream of dropping in.

To get you started on the path toward relaxation, consider these three calming pastimes for overworked parents.

Ones that have been mellowing people out for centuries.


Crochet involves using a crochet hook to stitch loops of yarn together into beautiful creations like booties, blankets, and cozy afghans!

Once you get the hang of the looping motion and commit yourself to a design, it is simply the most relaxing thing to focus on the stitches and let time pass you by.

You’re usually so immersed in a project that you won’t be able to worry about your never-ending to-do list.

At least it can wait until you regain your strength.

Check out this easy free crochet Afghan pattern for a little inspiration. It will help you get started on an easy-to-accomplish project.


Now when it comes down to finding calming pastimes for overworked parents, this is it. Knitting is a process where yarn is stitched into garments and accessories of all kinds.

Like toques, tablecloths, and headbands.

Unlike crochet, which requires that you close a stitch off before moving on to the next, knitters use oversized needles that allow them to keep multiple rows of stitches open before tying them together.

This will help you finish projects faster once you get in a groove.

Since you’ll be using both of your hands more frequently, working your needles can feel like transporting yourself to another world.

It’s incredibly comforting to know that, for the next few hours, all you have to think about is your sweater-in-progress.

Then the smile on your child’s face once they put it on!


Quilts are bed coverings traditionally made from two layers of fabric sewn over soft padding in the middle known as batting.

They are quite easy to make since you can work in basic straight stitches all the way through.

Ever since ancient Egyptian times, sewing designs atop your quilt has been a popular way to express who you are, who you love, and where you come from.

It’s also a great way to revitalize the décor in any bedroom or living room. Choose a design that captures the exact feeling you want to get across. Then let your imagination be free!

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While the roller coaster of life makes it hard to acknowledge, adults need playtime too.

You need to have a safe space where you can get away from it all, regroup, and return reinvigorated to seize the day.

Give crochet, knitting, or quilting a chance to work their magic and you may be surprised at how refreshed these calming pastimes for overworked parents leave you.

Heck, you don’t even need to be a parent to enjoy these calming pastimes.

They’re relaxing for everyone!

Are you thinking of taking up any of these calming pastimes for overworked parents?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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