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Tips for When You’re Ready to Sell Your Property

A white building with a grey door. Above the grey door there is an angled window. This article covers tips for when you're ready to sell your property.

Tips for When You’re Ready to Sell Your Property

Selling a property you own can be a headache or a sweet and matter-of-fact experience. In any case, this is the biggest deal you will make in your life.

If only for the simple reason that these are huge sums that are transferred from A to B.

If you stop for a moment and try to quantify financially the small fluctuations discussed in the negotiations, you will understand that this is capital.

Do you want to sell your house fast? If so, there are options for this too. If you are looking for a slower burner, you can take things at your own pace. 

1. Do Your Homework

First of all, check carefully whether there are any expectations for taxes that you may need to pay for some reason.

This little test may save you a few thousand. Timing is everything, and a small delay may be able to prevent you from this unpleasant payment. 

Do a little research in the neighbourhood and on the internet, and you will understand the value of your property.

This will help you in the bargaining and the final decision. Too low a price can raise an eyebrow and make you wonder, “what’s wrong with this house?”. Too high a price can drive away potential buyers.

Simultaneously, a drastic price change during the process may make you wonder if you are under sales pressure or if you are clearly not serious.

So for your price to be the most realistic, with a few shifts as possible, do your homework like good students – here are some tips are written in ink:

2. Order a Real Estate Appraiser

The appraiser is a professional, but it is not in his interest to price your apartment at one price or another.

They will price your property objectively and tailored to the area and parameters.

Beyond the truth of the pricing, the appraiser’s assessment is a nice indication to bargain with a potential buyer since it is based on assessing a professional who is not a first or second party.

3. Contact Realtors from the Area to Assess the Value of the Property

Look at the opinions of at least 3 realtors. They will call you anyway after you publish an ad, so get to know them well.

It’s best to consult a person or a team that knows the local area when you’re buying a property. In Canada, for instance, you want to consult with someone like this company to make sure you’re getting all the best deals on the table.

The final sale amount will probably be one percent less than the average price they quoted.

You need to know exactly what you want for the property and how much is worse so that you can leverage the price and the offers as well as possible. 

4. Locate Homes Sold in the Area with Similar Data.

Contact your recently sold neighbours and ask for advice on the process. Ask about comments from interested parties and what bothered or made them happy in the property. 

People love to help and will usually be happy to give you their insights from their fresh experience.

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Their insight can definitely help you reach conclusions about the course of action that will be best for you.

Do you have any additional tips for when you’re ready to sell your property?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A white building with a grey door. Above the grey door there is an angled window. This article covers tips for when you're ready to sell your property.

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