4 Reasons You Should Consider Studying in Spain

A girl stands and people watches in Barcelona, Spain.

Reasons You Should Consider Studying in Spain

If you are considering studying abroad, Spain is going to be recommended to you by a variety of people. Not to mention that it is home to a wide number of world-renowned institutions. Here are four reasons you should consider studying in Spain.

Spain is one of the top destinations for students studying abroad, and it’s easy to see why. It has great people, a lovely atmosphere, and a laid-back pace of life, which is what attracts many students to the country.

1. It Has Some of the Top Schools in the World

Barcelona and Madrid offer more than cultural and historical wonders. Some of the best universities in the country are located in these cities, as well. Diplomas in Spain are recognized worldwide, too. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy high-end accommodations there without breaking your budget.

High-end student accommodation in Spain is very easy to find and services like Collegiate allow you to enjoy upscale amenities in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Their facilities are located near the biggest universities. They provide study rooms, an on-site cinema, a fitness suite, and all-inclusive rent.

2. The Benefit on Your Resume

Studying abroad is considered a point in your favour when listed on your resume. Did you know that mobile students have half the risk of long-term unemployment than those who stayed at home? Spain has some of the best fashion and architecture schools in the world.

Plus, having studied in Spain could be a major plus if this is your field. Being fluent in Castilian could open doors and make it easier to find a job in England or abroad.

Another benefit of studying in Spain is that many courses and some entire programs are taught in English. However, this is the go-to destination for becoming fluent in Spanish. Note that Spanish is the third most spoken language on the planet. This makes studying in Spain and becoming fluent in the language and culture an investment in your long-term prospects.

3. It Is Incredibly Secure

Spain has a reputation for being safe for tourists. That makes it a great place for students, too. Spain has taken great steps to protect tourists and you’ll feel safe pretty much anywhere. However, you still need to be vigilant in certain areas.

4. You’re Within Easy Reach of Diverse Regions

If you talk about studying in Spain, people will cite the vibrant nightlife, excellent cuisine, and beautiful beaches. The nearly tropical climate is certainly a plus, too.

However, one of the biggest points in favour of Spain is its location. Spain itself makes up nearly nine-tenths of the Iberian Peninsula. Study in Spain and a trip to Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra are a day trip. You’re a short flight from the Canary Islands or North Africa as well. Or take a side trip to France.

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All of this is aside from the diverse geography inside of Spain’s borders.

The sun, great universities, and culture are the reasons why tourists and students alike flock to Spain. If you were thinking of studying there, make sure that you talk with other students about their experiences, so you’ll know what to expect.

Have you ever thought of studying abroad?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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