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DIY Pokémon Notebook Craft

A mini Charmander notebook and Pikachu notebook are shown standing up with coloured pencils.

DIY Pokémon Notebook Craft

You can bet that with the Detective Pikachu movie out and Pokémon GO all the rage, we were excited to make these Pokémon Charmander & Pikachu notebooks!

My youngest daughter, Mimi, is obsessed with making her own books. She is so creative that she uses her craft supplies to make her own. So, lined paper, construction paper and glue. She loves writing her own stories, making picture books, or both! So this is PERFECT if you have a child like mine.

A blue background with DIY Charmander and Pikachu Notebooks with 3 pencil crayons.

If you have a Pokémon fan who wants a Pokémon Birthday party, a school craft, or just for a rainy day–this DIY Pokémon Notebook Craft is for you! I even through in Bulbasaur, Evee, and Jigglypuff in the TEMPLATE too!

If you want to make another Pokémon craft, check out this super adorable felt Pikachu plushie craft.

Read on for the full step-by-step guide to make your own DIY Pokémon notebook craft!

Supplies Needed to Make Pokémon Notebooks: coloured paper, scissors, needle and thread, glue stick, ruler, pencil, and marker.

Things You Will Need:

Pieces of lined paper folded into a mini notebook.

Step 1:

First of all, decide the size for the notebook. I made 3 inches x 3 inches sized notebooks and the TEMPLATES are also customized for printing on A4 size sheet. Prepare pages for the mini notebook by cutting 3 inches x 6 inches stationary sheets. I’m using 6 sheets for each notebook. Hold all 6 sheets together and fold the 6 inches into half. Now we have 3 inches x 3 inches group of pages.

Mini notebook being sewn together with needle and thread.

Step 2:

Furthermore, prepare needle and thread. Unfold the sheets and insert the needle through the middle crease (folding line) of the folded sheets and pull the needle all the way through the other side of the sheets but keep 2 inches thread extra on this side. Insert and draw the needle back inwards by keeping a 1-inch gap between both holes.

A knot is tied to keep the mini book together.

Step 3:

Tie a knot with both ends of the thread and cut off extra thread.

Notebook cover and lined paper are shown.

Step 4:

To make the Pikachu notebook cover, select and prepare a 6 inches x 3 inches yellow coloured craft paper. Fold the 6 inches side into half. 3 inches x 3 inches notebook cover is ready.

All the parts are cut out from the template. Ears, cheeks, and eyes.

Step 5:

Cut out the Pikachu patterns from coloured craft papers. Use the patterns from the given template.

Eyes are coloured black with a yellow speck, ear tips are coloured in as well. The Pokemon Mini Notebook sits next to pieces.

Step 6:

Use a black sharpie to fill the eye cutouts and to draw the top black part of the ears.

Ears glued onto the yellow Pokemon Mini Notebook, eyes glued on, and cheeks about to be glued on.

Step 7:

Grab the notebook cover prepared in step 4. Use craft glue to attach the ear cutouts on the top side of the notebook cover, overlapping about an inch of the ear’s bottom ends with the notebook cover’s top end. Also, attach the eyes.

Cheese,mouth, cheeks and nose of added onto face.

Step 8:

Attach the 2 red circles on both cheeks and draw the other features of Pikachu’s face.

The notebook is being glued onto Pokemon Pikachu book cover.

Step 9:

Unfold the cover and apply glue along the middle crease. Place the closed end of the stitched sheets along the glued part.

The finished product is a super adorable Pikachu notebook that is ready to be used.

Step 10:

Press the closed end of the sheets against the glued side firmly and close the cover. Allow the glue to dry entirely.

A blue background with DIY Charmander and Pikachu Notebooks with 3 pencil crayons.

Gotta Catch Em’ All

Finally, now that you have this template, you can make your own DIY Pokémon Notebook Craft.

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Whether it is a Charmander notebook, Pikachu notebook, Bulbasaur notebook, Evee notebook, and a Jigglypuff notebook is up to you. Just change up the coloured paper and you’ll be all good!

Who is your favourite Pokémon?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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2 pictures are joined by a banner that says, "Pokémon Notebook Craft". The pictures show a Pikachu and Charmander mini notebook and pencil crayons.



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  1. These are super cute! My kiddos, especially my 11 year old son, is so excited about the Detective Pikachu movie, this would be an awesome craft to do in celebration of the movie.

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