TELUS Network Experience & Rise and Shine App: @TELUS is Waking You Up and Putting Customers First!


With TELUS Network Experience…

The future sure IS friendly.

Experiencing network issues or hit a dead zone? Frustrated? Well, there’s an app for that!

TELUS has just released their Network Experience application– the first ever Canadian network experience smartphone app that allows customers to report network issues on-the-go.

If you remember a few months back, I mentioned the amazing initiatives that TELUS is providing their customers. Like when they helped one of my hometown of  Windsor’s John McGivney Children’s Centre, how they expanded their super-lightning speed TELUS 4G network here in Windsor and how TELUS teamed up with WWF to help save wildlife close to extinction by launching their new CGI critters.

Here are two more additions to mobile network awesomeness!


The TELUS Network Experience App–Improving and Making YOUR Network Better!


TNE app


You Can Help Optimize.

They have taken another step towards their commitment to put their customers first and offer the best wireless experience possible. The app seeks direct customer feedback on network issues, which will in turn lead to enhancements of the TELUS network and service they’re able to provide their customers.

So, if you have a dropped call, failed call attempts, no service, poor voice quality or slow data speeds. You can download this app for free through app stores on Android, Apple or BlackBerry smartphones You can even take part in Surveys and access Tips in order to maximize their network experience.

What I love the most about this is that TELUS is the FIRST carrier to launch an app that caters to its customer’s needs and demand. Also,that they care enough to look into the problems and where they exist within their network to make it an overall better mobile experience for their customers.

You can download this app for on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry today!

I think this app is definitely a trail blazer and highly intuitive, it uses GPS to pin point the location where you experienced a hiccup and you can list whether you were outside, in a building or in your car when it happened.

“What matters to you, and you matter to us.” –TELUS

By listening to their customers, they will know what matters to them. Another way they are doing this is through their Learning Centres – TELUS  knows how much their customers value their devices. With their personalized, one-on-one, in-store learning sessions, you can learn how to get most out of your devices – because getting the most out of your phone matters to you, right?


Rise and Shine with TELUS!

The TELUS critters, that is!

If you aren’t a morning person, like me, you will be happy to know that TELUS has launched yet another uber helpful app – the TELUS Rise & Shine alarm clock! It is a free app will help you get out of bed through the fun sounds of their adorable and charming critters. What is so cool about this app, is that you can also choose either a song or video uploaded from your device for your wake up call.

It’s up to you!

The Rise & Shine app is available on iPhone and Android smartphones, and it can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.



More Cool Features:

  • Wake up to the sound of a rooster, parakeet, monkey or pig; or choose your favorite music or even a video as your morning alarm.
  • Check out current weather information- ideal for selecting what to wear for the day!
  • Can’t sleep? Play our counting critters game.

Tips for using the TELUS Rise & Shine alarm clock app:

Please note that for iPhones, the alarm will not sound if phone is on silent. To avoid an unexpected sleep-in please make sure that you do not set it on silent once it’s activated with your wake-up time OR leave the app running on-screen overnight. Worried about battery life if you keep the app running on-screen? Try plugging your phone into a charger overnight.

Aren’t these apps super wicked?

They will make your mobile experience amazing and I believe that this pioneer in optimizing your network experience is undeniable. The TELUS Network Experience app is above par and I’m sure others are definitely taking note and so should you.

The TELUS network is your network and now you can be sure that you will be waking up on time AND optimizing your network–wherever you go!

What do you think of these apps?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I really like Telus. When I had my BB for work we it was with Telus and they are way better than Rogers which is what I am stuck with now 🙁 Very cool App.
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