6 Tips For a Safe and Fun Family Trip

Mother sitting on the beach with her child. This article covers tips for a safe and fun family trip.

6 Tips For a Safe and Fun Family Trip

There can be nothing better than going on a trip as a family. But of course, there can also be nothing worse.

You can largely be free-spirited when you’re traveling by yourself. If you’re exploring with the family in tow, then it’s important that you’re taking additional steps to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

There’s simply too much capacity for things to go south. By that, we mean for the trip to descend into one stressful, argumentative experience. 

So let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Read on as we run through a few handy tips that’ll ensure your trip is nothing but smooth sailing. 

Where Are You Going?

There are some destinations that are obviously better-suited for family trips than others. Or rather, they are some places that are not suitable for families.

For instance, while it’s possible to have a good family trip to, say, Las Vegas, there’s more of a chance that something goes slightly wrong.

Taking a trip to a family-friendly resort in Florida, however, would be a smart move since you’ll be set up for success.

Of course, you can venture off the beaten path and head into, say, nature, but that’ll require some more thinking.

Basically, it’s worthwhile considering how family-friendly the destination you’re thinking about will turn out to be!

Easy Travels

There’s often a temptation to save some money when it comes to things like flights. However, it’s worth considering the impact that a cheap but awkward flight would have on the family’s morale.

If you have to get up super early, make two transfers, and travel an hour to the hotel once you land, then you’ll be more likely to encounter difficulties compared with if you just took a smooth flight.

Also, think about the location of your hotel.

It’s better to pay extra to be closer to the attractions — it’ll just save a lot of time/reduce the need for extensive logistical planning.


You might have valued spontaneity when you were traveling when you were younger and without kids. When you’re vacationing with the family in tow, it’s better to plan as much as possible in advance.

This can involve planning where you’re going to go and buying your tickets beforehand.

It sounds like something that’ll be easy to figure out when you’re there, but you’ll find that it’s just another thing that you have to take care of. It puts a damper on things when you want to start having fun.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to organize things before you set off on your vacation, so you may as well!

There’s nothing to lose, essentially, and much to gain.

The Essentials

It doesn’t matter where you’re going: you’ll need to take care of the essentials. This will involve ensuring that everyone’s well packed and has everything they need.

A big part of this involves thinking about the weather of the destination you’re visiting. If it’s sunny, then take a look at kids hats and sunscreen. They’ll ensure that the sun’s rays don’t negatively impact your children.

On the other hand, if it’s cold, then layers will be necessary.

Be sure to read up on an essential family packing list for whatever destination you’re visiting, so you can be sure that you’re not missing anything.

Doing Activities/Taking It Easy

If you’ve chosen the destination correctly, then there’ll likely be a million and one things that you can do.

Though that doesn’t mean that you should try to do all of them. It’s a good idea to be selective, so you can bridge the gap between doing activities and relaxing.

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If you’re constantly on the move, then it’ll be more likely than arguments will happen.

Plus, in any case, vacations should be relaxing for all concerned. Don’t shy away from that side of the trip.

An afternoon spent in a local park can be just as enjoyable as seeing the main attractions!

Go With the Flow

Finally, be sure to go with the flow when you’re traveling with your kids. Even with all the planning in the world, something will go wrong.

Whether it has the power to derail your trip will depend on your reaction to it.

If you can rise above and just let the small things go, then you’ll have found the antidote. It’s only when we add fuel to the fire that problems arise! 

Whenever you feel safe and comfortable to travel, these tips should help!

Do you have any tips for safe and fun family trip?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Mother sitting on the beach with her child. This article covers tips for a safe and fun family trip.

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