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3 Healthy Ways to Look Your Best

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3 Healthy Ways to Look Your Best

Everyone wants to look their best. That’s such an obvious statement, that it’s almost silly to even make it.

When we look our best, we feel more confident, are happier, more motivated, and face life in an optimistic and productive way.

The problem is, many of the strategies people often use to look their best, aren’t always the healthiest. For example, crash dieting can help you to lose a lot of weight quickly. Though we know from studies that it can be damaging, both physically and psychologically.

Here are a few healthy ways to look your best, instead.

1. Focus on adopting a holistic routine

One that makes you feel your best across the board. Generally speaking, the best thing you can do for your appearance is to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. To me, health overall is the most important thing. Even over appearance but, when you feel good from the inside, it’s bound to show on the outside and that’s always a plus.

Focus first and foremost on making yourself feel as good as possible, across the board. Let the chips fall where they may in terms of your appearance.

Drink more water, eat whole foods, lean proteins, and consider taking a multivitamin. Make sure to enjoy a lot of veggies and fruits, and good fats like nuts and avocados. Avoid processed foods and soon enough, you’ll start feeling better!

As we know, that goes hand in hand with looking good too!

2. Get creative with your makeup routine

One way to do this is by taking inspiration from unusual places. Makeup is a good way of adjusting, enhancing, and experimenting with your overall look.

If you feel like changing up your style, consider getting creative with your makeup routine. It might be that looking up drag queen makeup essentials could give you some ideas that you had never considered before.

Myself, I love drag queens. Not only because of their body positivity, acceptance of everyone and anyone no matter how they look. Plus, they slay it with make-up. While it may be over the top, they have some skills. Have you ever heard of baking? You can bake your face and slay your make up look.

Believe me, I’ve tried it.

It worked and I can thank my fave queens for that!

3. Structure Your Life and Routine

Try to structure your life and routine, so that you are doing things that genuinely uplift you and make you happy. I think that when you are doing things that make you happy from within, it will show outwardly too. That kind of positive energy tends to be contagious.

Beyond that, though, doing things that make you genuinely happy can also help to combat chronic stress. They can flood your body with feel-good endorphins, and help to strengthen your immune system.

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Above all, making any of these small changes can make a positive impact on your life. Health and beauty start from within and if we take care of ourselves by eating well, moving more, taking care of our mental health–we are already on our way to feeling and looking our best.

What makes you feel your best?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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