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Try NEW Alpha-Bits & Throw Your Own Halloween Party + $50 Gift Card Giveaway!


Try New Alpha-Bits!

I know that a lot of you have mentioned how ecstatic you are that Alpha-Bits is new and improved. Especially since it is now made with 6g of sugar instead of 10g. Not to mention, the fact that it has no artificial colours or flavours is a huge plus. 40% less sugar is all kinds of right in my book! You can read all about it, here.

Most of all, you all shared how nostalgic it made you and how you yourself remembered eating Alpha-Bits and just how much fun they were. I really do hope that you all enjoyed a bowl with your family and shared the story that is found in every bowl! 

NEW-Alpha Bits-06

Alphabet-y Goodness.

We all know how delicious Alpha-Bits cereal is with milk but, can you imagine making even more treats with it? If you are in the mood for something tasty, I have the thing just for you. Make Alpha-Bits ABC Snack Mix and I guarantee you, it will be a hit.  It’s a medley of Alpha-Bits, popcorn, honey, dried apricots and pecan halves that are baked to perfection. 

Enter to Win This Giveaway

Post-Alpha-Bits Giveaway

Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will win an Alpha-Bits prize pack! You’ll have everything you need to throw a little Halloween shindig of your own. Don’t forget to make the Alpha-Bits ABC Snack Mix! This contest opens on October 12th, 2015 and runs until October 26th, 2015.


Included in Prize Pack:

-Alpha-Bits cereal with 40% less sugars.
-Star Wars collector’s edition Alpha-bits.
-$50 AMEX gift certificate to purchase all the ingredients to make your own Alpha-Bits ABC Snack Mix.
-Decorations to throw your own Halloween party.

So, tell me one of your Halloween spooky stories or favorite family story to be entered to WIN. Plus, there are bonus entries! I know that I have tons of spooky stories to share but, you first!

Do you have a spooky story?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I lived in a city where there was a house in the country side that was haunted. There was a couple who wanted to check out this house at night but they got the total fright of their lives when the outside of the house started to run red. Even when the house was torn down the land stayed haunted no other house or building was ever built there.

  2. Their is a house on our old street that always decorates for Halloween. I mean the whole family comes together and they work for hours to make this house spectacular inside and out. They have some many neat things to see. While you are admiring all the neat stuff you miss the guy sitting in the chair waiting to jump up and scare you. They only scare the adults not the kids. The guy ahead of me jumped and did a little dance. It was funny and scary all at the same time.

  3. I hate spooky stories. They scare me too much! Where I grew up, there was a story about an old abandoned farm house that had burnt down. People said that the remnants would randomly go on fire each year on the anniversary of the first fire. I assume really someone was lighting it each year but it still scared me to think about it.


  4. I remember when i was little my parents took my sister and i to a haunted house where you stayed in your car the whole time, it was kind of scary as people in costumes would jump out and scare us

  5. One Halloween my son was dressed as the grim reaper and daughter was a fairy princess..we were trick or treating and this lady approached us and asked if the kids could come into the Retirement home lobby as the residents were waiting for trick or treaters and none had shown up there yet… so I took the kids in and the lobby was filled with all these eldery residents with huge smiles on their faces, you could see their delight and excitment to see the costumed kids! We chatted with them for quite some time then left.. afterwards I kind of felt bad..my son was dressed as the Grim reaper and this was a retirement home.. but..it was Halloween night and all the elderly were so thrilled to see the kids!

    1. Oh yes, they love seeing the kids. I volunteered as a kid and I have worked in long term care. They love it.

  6. I was staying in a hotel in the UK that was supposed to be haunted. I wasn't worried at all until I was alone in my room and all of a sudden it sounded like all of the other hotel room doors were slammed shut one right after the other and I heard very heavy foot sounds. I ran to the door and opened it to see nothing out of the ordinary. It scared me silly!

    1. OMG, I have stayed at a few haunted hotels and some I felt nothing, others I felt something. That would scare me!

  7. how are there no comments yet but 375 entries? puzzling. anyway, my story… its not so much spooky, but it scared me. when i was an older kid.. probably around 12.. still trick or treating, my sister and i (she was younger) walked right into someones house by accident. you know how some houses have the little porch thats enclosed. i guess we thought we were entering one of those. we were so embarassed…

    1. I was on holiday for a week and I did not get a chance to approve comments until now! πŸ™‚ Haha, funny story!

  8. My favourite book is the lady who swallowed a fly. I have the Halloween version for my kids the lady who swallowed a spider.

  9. We were going to a halloween haunted house run by the boys and girl club. They use vacant homes to build it. Every years it,s in a different locations. So we are looking for the address and for some reason we had the rong street # but before we realize that we climb up the stair and open the door of a private home and realiz it was nt the hunted hose. We an down does sair so fast and laughing so hard.

  10. We like a lot of Halloween Books. We like the Big Pumpkin, It's Halloween, Humbug Witch and the Franklin's Halloween!

  11. My brother in law swears he saw a lady in a long dress standing at a farm gate but when he went to walk closer she just disappeared!

  12. Don't have a spooky story of my own but one Halloween story that my family has always enjoyed has been It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  13. I can remember as a kid my sister in law who was about 10 yrs older than me would tell us the scariest stories, we all still remember this even after 40 yrs she wanted to see which of us kids would get scared first and run and hide

  14. I do not have a spooky {Halloween} story..But a few nights ago there was a questionable photo in my phone. I showed my husband, it creeped him out so much he couldn't even look at it. Him being freaked, spooked me..Which led me to delete the pic. Now I regret deleting it. It was super weird!

  15. My brother in law dressed up as the texas chainsaw killer and came down my street to my house with the chainsaw running!

  16. A Spooky Halloween story is when one year we all dressed up as Ninjas! Even Dad and I dressed up and took the kids trick or treating!

  17. I sacred my Son to death last year as he was 4yrs old but Hubs picked him up from school on Halloween day and I was dressing to the hills as a witch. well he screamed when he walked in the door and saw me lol…poor lil guy.

  18. My went to a local farm last year they had this boo barn for the kids, omg it was the scariest thing ever! I have never been so frightened in my life. they had everything from zombies to real spiders set up in there

  19. Not spooky but this past weekend we went a farm in Ottawa and enjoyed the haunted houses. It was a fun time well spent.

  20. my kids still watch and read many of the Halloween books and DVD's they have had for years. They especially love Casper DVD.

  21. I always used to hear a story about a lady with a scarf around her neck. Her husband would ask her why she wore the scarf all time. Finally she told him and her head fell off. Learned it girl scouts!

  22. When I was in University studying anatomy, I was alone late one night in the anatomy lab studying the bodies for an exam. Suddenly, I heard a faint scratching and gentle rattling sound coming from inside one of the other metal boxes containing the bodies. My hair stood on end and I sprinted out of there in a flash!

  23. Goodnight Goon is a book that the family loves. My son won it at a class Halloween party a few years ago and it has been a favourite since.

  24. we were living on the prairies and one halloween when my son was young we went trick or treating and it was so cold and snowy, by the time we got home our hair,eyebrows and clothes were frozen , we literally had icicles hanging from our hair!

  25. Our kids love the Halloween book about the witch that wants to make a pumpkin pie but the pumpkin will not come off the vine. must dig it out I forget the name!!

  26. We went trick or treating last year to a house where the family had it set up to jump out and scare you. Thankfully my nephew prepared us so we weren't scared. Unfortunately, one of the family members didn't like that they didn't scare us so he chased us down the street and scared my son to death.

  27. I remember one time not getting home until 12 from trick or treating all night, we had 3 pillow cases full of candy! it was crazy

  28. I dont really have a spooky story but when I was younger my parents hosted a haunted house event in our neighborhood which was pretty neat!.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  29. the kids always said that there was a ghost man in our house that only came out on Halloween – thats about as scary as we get lol

  30. My kids and I love the book "Where The Wild Things Are". I've read it to them so many times I've practically memorized it!

  31. one time when going trick or treating we were at a house all decorated and some guy jumped out at us. we thought he was just a decoration! boy did he scare us

  32. We love the Headless Horseman book,if Halloween falls on a weekend the whole family gets together and enjoys it with stories and music and lots of googy treats,going to be a fun one this year

  33. We don't like spooky books at our house. The spookiest book we have is "in the dark dark woods" and thats only because its Sophies book this week.

  34. The story of the hitchhiker who goes after the kids in the car and they don't think he really exists until they look and find his hook hand in their car door. CREEPY!

  35. My favourite Hallowe'en book is the Franklin Hallowe'en one…my daughter was much calmer about trick-or-treating after reading it!

  36. I remember going through a local halloween scare house and I jumped and screamed and I was an adult, my kids laughed at me

  37. Room on the Broom is another Halloween Book that we like. One of my nieces is also into Goosebump books right now.

  38. We are watching American Horror Story Season 3 to celebrate Halloween. There are 13 episodes, we watched a few this past weekend and will keep watching on weekends.

  39. we don't really have any halloween books or stories. we treat it just like any other day and not a real holiday πŸ™‚

  40. Every so often my cats will stare at a spot just over my head. It's never just one cat either, it's always a few of them. We have six, that's a different kind of horror story.

  41. Halloween is on the weekend this year so we will tell stories by flashlight in the living room and have a sleepover with some friends

  42. when I was 8 my 3 older brothers made a scarecrow and hung it up on a nearby vehicle bridge. There were babysitting me so I had to go. We huddled in the bushes and watched the drivers come down the hill and then stop and not cross the bridge because it looked like a person hanging there. I was scared just from huddling in the bushes.

  43. I don't recall a scary book but when I was a little girl I used to beg my father to tell me a scary story. He would make up stories about ghosts and I would get s scared. I would soon forget how scared I got and I would ask him to tell me the story again.

  44. We don't really have a favourite Halloween book – yet – but we have plenty of favourite Halloween movies. We enjoy watching halloween town every year together. Trading candy is always something that is fun.

  45. I have a very scary Real Halloween story.
    When my sisters and I were treating one year when we were little a teenager threw a crushed up pop can and it hit my sis in the face. Halloween was over as she had to go to the hospital for stitches. I remember hardly no candy that year.

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