5 Influential Voices that Have Created Christian Audiobooks

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Influential Voices that Have Created Christian Audiobooks

A voice is one of the most unique things a person can have. Voices are distinctive, show a person’s personality, and can help us decide if we like someone or not.

We’ve all been equally moved or even annoyed by certain voices in our lifetimes. Every now and then, we come across a voice that is truly memorable.

These five people have lent their incredible voices to Christian audiobooks. They’ve transformed the experience from simple reading to a moving sermon.

Dive into the mysteries and lessons of the Bible itself or take a bite out of the contemporary Christian apple for more relevant lessons for the 21st century with these five influential voices.

1. James Earl Jones

You know James Earl Jones for such roles as “Mufasa” from Disney’s The Lion King, and “Darth Vader” from Disney’s Star Wars.

While he’s lent his unmistakable voice to other films over the years, these are two roles we will always remember.

It was the tone and character of his voice that has cemented those roles forever in our minds.

Jones has also read several books for audiobook publication. Some prefer the voice of a storyteller over the feel of a book. They simply can’t see as well as they used to or are on the go more than not.

Audiobooks are the perfect tool for such occasions. What better voice to listen to than the deep resounding voice of James Earl Jones?

You can find spiritual books as well, such as James Earl Jones reads the bible audio feeds at websites like Pray.com.

The Bible has never sounded so epic, moving, and heartfelt. Give it a listen today, and you’ll never want to hear another voice speaking the holy verses!

2. Richard Dreyfuss

You’ll know Dreyfuss from such films as “Jaws” and “Stand By Me”. His career spanned most of the 70s and 80s, and he has a well-known voice that is nearly unmistakable.

During a four-year audio Bible project released in October of 2009, Dreyfuss lent his voice and his acting talents to the role of Moses, alongside several other noteworthy actors and actresses.

The project was known for its attention to detail and production value. Featuring a full score, sound effects, and more.

If you’re looking for a full-scale Bible production with an influential voice at the helm, this is it!

Dreyfuss embodies the character of Moses quite well, displaying an in-depth understanding of the character and the role he plays in the Bible.

You can’t get much better than this when it comes to audio bibles (unless you’re James Earl Jones, of course).

3. Alexander Scourby

Born in Brooklyn in 1913, Scourby is an American actor best known for his roles in such films as “The Big Heat” and “Affair In Trinidad” in the 50s and 60s.

During the 70s, when cassette tapes were starting to make their way into the mainstream, Scourby lent his calm and cool voice to a recording of the King James Version of the Bible.

He is the very first person to ever record an audio version of the Bible.

Since then, he’s also produced several other audiobooks, including some poetry recordings. Scourby passed away in 1985.

While we may never have his voice talents on another project, his legacy survives in his most famous recording of the Bible.

As the first person to record an audio version, Scourby paved the way for scores of other audiobook versions in the future.

4. John Rhys-Davies

The unmistakable voice of the dwarf “Gimli” in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings, as well as the deep, booming voice of Treebeard from the same film, belongs to none other than John Rhys-Davies.

The actor has since lent his deep, resounding voice to another project as the narrator for several Bible verses and stories.

You’ll feel transported into the stories themselves with a full cast of voice actors with Davies at the helm.

This rich experience is unlike any other, and a truly unique voice makes all the difference. Sharing the cast with Sean Astin, another Lord of the Rings star, Davies delivers a powerful and moving performance that could only belong to such an esteemed actor.

5. Samuel L. Jackson

To begin to explore Jackson’s film career would take another article entirely in itself, so we’ll just focus on his role in the Bible Experience.

This 20-hour long audio Bible features famous black actors and actresses and aims to take a more contemporary approach to Bible reading.

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Jackson lends his unmistakable voice to the project, giving it new life and a style all its own. One of the great Christian audiobooks, in my opinion.

The project might be a decade old now, but it’s still drawing in plenty of sales and making an impact in the audio bible space.

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Have you listen to Christian audiobooks?


A woman in a bright white room with macramé sits in a macramé swing, listening to something on her phone with headphones.

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