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o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons: I’m Giving Them One Period. Period. Here’s Why You Should Too. #GiveUsOnePeriod


o.b. Pro Comfort Tampons.

If you’re anything like me, using a tampon without an applicator can be a scary thing. I’ve never used o.b. tampons and when given the opportunity to do so, I was intrigued.

But, to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive.

I had a lot of questions but, I was willing to give o.b. one period. I also liked the fact that even though it may be a bit harder at first, I wouldn’t be contributing more waste to the planet with the added applicator.

 o.b.® tampons

Will You?

I’m sure if you haven’t used o.b. tampons like me, you are probably wondering what they are all about. Are they for you, is it hard to get it right and many more questions I had?

You are not alone and if you continue reading, you’ll find answers to the questions you have!

Is it hard to insert o.b. tampons? How will I know that I’m inserting it into the right place?

Not at all. Fingertip insertion allows you to follow the natural curve of the vaginal canal and insert the tampon where it is most comfortable for your body.

When it’s in the right place, you won’t feel it. (Once you try it a few times, you’ll be surprised at your instinctive ability to know where to place the tampon!)

Isn’t it messy to insert a tampon without an applicator?

A finger pocket at the base of the tampon helps protect your fingertip. After you unwrap the o.b.® tampon, pull the string to widen the base and put your finger in the newly created indentation.

As you insert the tampon, your fingertip remains covered by this pocket of cotton-like fibers. Since there’s no applicator between you and the tampon, the o.b. ® tampon begins to absorb as you insert it. And there’s no messy applicator to deal with!

What if I have trouble inserting the o.b. tampon?

If you have difficulty inserting the tampon, you may want to try a lower level of absorbency than the one you’re using. o.b.® tampons are available in a range of absorbencies – Regular, Super, Super Plus and Ultra.

You may want to start with the regular absorbency o.b. ® PRO COMFORT® tampons made with a SilkTouch™ cover for easier insertion and removal.

Will it fall out or get lost inside me?

Definitely not! o.b. ® tampons are designed to fit your unique shape and stay put so you never have to worry that one will fall out get lost inside you.

o.b.® tampons look pretty small—will I have to change it more often?

Nope. They may look small, but they are mighty! The FLUIDLOCK® grooves draw fluid into the centre core, all while expanding to fit your unique shape. This gives you up to eight hours of amazing protection.

Your flow level will determine how often you should change your tampon and what absorbency you should use. You should use a tampon with the lowest absorbency to meet your needs.

How do I know the right o.b.® tampon absorbency level for me?

There are different absorbency levels for every day of your period. You might want to start with o.b. regular and then switch to a larger size, if necessary.

How many o.b. tampon absorbency levels are there?

Four! Here’s when you should use each:
• o.b. ® Regular is best for first-time non-applicator tampon users or for women with light to moderate flow
• o.b. ® Super is best for moderate flow
• o.b. ® Super Plus has you covered during a heavier flow
• o.b. ® Ultra has you covered during your heaviest flow

Do I need pantiliners with o.b.® tampons?

No, you generally don’t need to wear a pantiliner or pad with o.b.® tampons. If it’s your first time using them and you’re worried, go ahead and wear a pantiliner just in case.

But picking out the best absorbency for your flow along with o.b.® tampon’s unique FLUIDLOCK® design should prevent leaks.


My Experience

My biggest fear about using o.b. when Ms. Flow came to visit was, well, the potential mess. My handy applicator always ensured minimal contact but, after application–it was less than desirable to handle. What would I do without an applicator?

Well, I gave it a whirl and since o.b. has a finger pocket at the base of the tampon, it protected and shielded my finger. It also began to absorb while applying and in the end–there was no messy applicator. 

Not to mention, it was surprisingly easy to find the exact place to put the tampon. It was comfortable and soon enough, it was as if I didn’t even have one in.

Another worry of mine was that it may not have great absorption because of its size. I was wrong and on a regular cycle and flow, they held up great.

Not to mention that they have different sizes for different flows. I was on vacation for a part of it and they kept up with me. This little o.b. Pro Comfort tampon is small but, mighty. It’s well-rounded and ahead of its time for sure!


How to Use o.b. Pro Comfort

Step 1:

Since your hands will be your primary tools here, definitely wash them! Then take a look at your o.b.® tampon to ensure it’s sealed. Now find the coloured tear strip, pull, and remove the wrapper. Next you’re going to find the string on one end of the tampon and pull it tight from left to right and top to bottom. This widens the base of the tampon, creating a nice and protected pocket for your finger.

Step 2:

Now place your index finger in the little pocket and get a firm hold on the tampon with your thumb and middle finger. Next, stand with one leg up (rest your foot on the toilet or bathtub) or sit on the toilet.

Step 3:

Take a deep breath to relax. With your free hand, gently hold open the skin around the vaginal opening. Now take the o.b. Pro Comfort tampon, and with the full length of your index finger, ease it in, aiming toward your lower back.

When the tampon is in the right place, you won’t feel it. If you do, push it a little further in. Leave the string hanging outside of your body. Wash your hands, and you’re done! It’s that simple.


You’re Ready!

Now that you have a little more information, I hope that you won’t be as apprehensive as I was about how to use ob Pro Comfort tampons! If you want to catch up with us and see our day-to-day, check out our IG on @whispersinspire!

Have you ever used o.b. Pro Comfort before–why or why not?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I have tried them and they are perfect for my needs depending on how it is that particular day.I love the comfort and that I feel confident! That's important to me.I also like that there are four different choices I can make to when deciding which one to wear.Thanks for the chance to win!!..:) 🙂 🙂

  2. No i haven't tried ob before , i just was leary where there is no applicator and i guess that kept me from trying them … thanks for the chance 🙂

  3. I haven’t yet, but would be willing to try them. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about this brand.

  4. I am glad to say that I no longer need these, though they were the ones I used for years. It is a bit strange to start with without an applicator but you soon get used to them and the dirty applicator was never nice either.

  5. I tried these sort of by accident – I spent the summer in China, and didn’t take enough tampons with me (I have a Mirena and only get periods 2-3 times a year). Tampons are apparently not popular in China – my local supermarket had maybe 75 types of sanitary towels, 20 or 25 types of period panties, and these, hiding at the back of a shelf. The size made me skeptical (I have PCOS and a heavy flow when I do have periods, which is why I have the Mirena) but they worked like a dream and were SO comfy. I’m now searching for them in the UK. Give them a try, skeptics!

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