5 Best Essential Oils for Your Health

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5 Best Essential Oils for Your Health

Essential oils are becoming the easiest way to boost your health naturally. The majority of products and “healthy” finds at your local shops are full of harmful chemicals that aren’t natural. All of this builds up to harm your health in the long-term. That’s why more beauty and wellness gurus are recognizing the power of essential oils in their daily routines.

Not only are essential oils affordable and accessible, but they have big health benefits you might not have even heard of. Many are anti-bacterial and soothing so you can keep your health in check without any harmful ingredients. Are you looking to build your collection of essential oils but you aren’t sure where to begin? The leading oil resource Made With Oils recommends starting with these 5 essential oils below to begin your collection.


Clove oil is one of the best to have around your house just in case. While you likely won’t need it every day, it’s a lifesaver for infections. Essential oils have been used to treat infections since the dawn of civilization, and today they’re still a powerful resource for keeping diseases at bay.

Clove is known for its antiseptic properties, making it the natural choice for scrapes, cuts, and infections. To treat wounds, dilute the oil with warm water and apply with a cotton ball directly to the affected area. Repeat as needed for best results.


You probably know frankincense from the famous Christmas story, but it’s been on the longest continuously used oils in history. It’s been used to treat ailments like digestion problems, weak immune systems, and respiratory infections. Because this herb naturally has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s able to boost the body’s immune system successfully.

While you can infuse teas with frankincense for a daily boost, it’s best when inhaled. Use frankincense in your favorite oil diffuser to keep your home free of potential infections. You can even apply it directly to the body by diluting it with a salve or cream to help fade scars, reduce muscle pain, or soothe rashes.


If you’re trying to lose weight, mint is your new best friend. Peppermint is known for its menthol properties which is what produces that cooling sensation. This sensation is so intense it can even reduce your appetite and cut down on cravings. If you’re trying to drop a dress size or eat fewer calories, having some peppermint tea before a meal can keep you from overeating.

Adding peppermint into your daily routine might be what you need to speed up your weight loss journey. Including drops of peppermint oil to your favorite drinks in the morning can help you keep your appetite at bay all day long. You can even inhale the scent directly if temptation is proving to be too much.

A little bowl filled with rosemary, salts, and lemon are displayed.


For centuries, people have been using rosemary to heal everything from slow brain function to common aches and pains. It’s even been used to boost hair growth in generations past! While rosemary is a powerful herb for improving daily mental function, it can also mimic blood pressure pills with its diuretic properties.

Rosemary is likely something you already have in your kitchen since it makes an excellent garnish for your favorite dishes. You can also add it directly into teas, waters, or infuse it as oil through a diffuser. Those who use rosemary regularly report feeling more mentally focused and have a stronger memory.

Tea Tree

Every beauty guru raves about how fantastic tea tree oil is for their skin, and they are definitely onto something. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat burns and cuts and even bacterial infections. It’s anti-bacterial properties naturally kill microbes found on the skin, and it’s a lot more potent than anything you’ll find at the drugstore.

Tea tree oil is excellent for cleaning wounds, but it’s even better at treating acne and skin ailments. Dab a drop onto your red marks or spots to see immediate relief. You can also dilute a few drops into your favorite face cream or mask for overall treatment.

Using essential oils in your daily routine is a great way to get all the benefits of Mother Nature without the harsh side effects. Natural beauty and health are more affordable than ever with these oils, and you’ll feel your best in no time.

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