The Perfect Fit: Simple Beach Looks For Every Body

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Beach Looks for Every Body

Every body is a beach body just the way it is. No matter your weight or whether you shave your legs and underarms. Even if you have scars or medical devices. Understandably, that doesn’t mean everyone has the confidence to flaunt their form on the beach.

Though you totally should, you look good girl!

There’s good news, though. The era of the string bikini is over and there are simple beach looks for every body. This summer, more modest looks are expected to dominate the beach. This makes it that much easier to boost your body confidence and find a suit that fits your beautiful body– whatever it looks like.

The Move Towards Modesty

Swimsuits are known to be revealing. For some people, that’s part of their appeal. That raises the question, why is it that the industry has made a move towards modesty?

One element at play is the issue of sun protection. Sunbathers today are more aware than ever of the risks posed by excess UV exposure.

Even adults are opting for swimsuits with more coverage to reduce the future risk of sun cancer. This means we’ll see more suits with rash guard style sleeves, three-piece collections with coverups, and longer swim bottoms with more coverage.

Work with Your Curves

Embracing your body’s natural curves can be lifechanging in terms of boosting your confidence. Let’s be realistic, some days we all need a little help. That’s where hybrid suits that combine a traditional swimsuit with shapewear come into the picture. Miraclesuit swimwear provides full coverage in styles just like those you’d find in any trendy shop.

Except, they come in materials that smooth out any lumps and bumps and flatten your stomach. If sitting poolside makes you feel anxious because you’re not feeling your best, these suits might be just what you need. In fact, I’d wear these in a heartbeat since I wear shapewear with no shame. It makes me feel confident, beautiful, and I don’t do it for anyone else but, ME!

Finding Your Fit

Part of feeling confident in your swimsuit is ensuring you’ve chosen a suit that fits well. The shift towards more modest swimwear makes this that much easier. After all, string bikinis don’t suit everyone. Tiny tops don’t work with big busted girls like me. All those pieces, though, are out this season. Meaning you’ve got the choice of countless full coverage suits, even in bikini styles.

Many of the cutest suits on the market are high waisted, feature thicker, and more supportive straps. They are higher cut on top for greater coverage – perfect for larger busted women. It’s hard to feel confident when your bathing suit fits awkwardly, but these new suits offer a solution to that problem. After all, that is what it’s all about, comfort!

Playing Favorites

Finally, when choosing from the countless swimwear options available today, let yourself consider what your favorite parts of your body are and how you emphasize them through proper swimsuit styling.

Trendy, high cut bottoms will make your legs look longer, while solid colors disguise areas that make you feel self-conscious. If you’re not sure where to start, think about your favorite non-swimwear clothing.

What do you love about it?

Look for swimwear that shares some of those traits, such as the same type of neckline or pattern. That common trait can help you feel more at home in your bathing suit.

Everyone struggles with feeling confident in a bathing suit because women are told that they need to be perfect to be beautiful, but that’s just not true. Luckily, there are simple beach looks for every body!

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Don’t let body anxiety keep you from enjoying the sun and surf this summer. Though the right suit may not make you feel like a model, it will give you the boost you need to enjoy a little summer fun.

Plus, who needs that?

The most beautiful thing to be is YOU, imperfectly perfect you with all the lumps, bumps and scars of a beautiful life lived.

Now you are armed with simple beach looks for every body.

Get out there, girl!

Have you found a swimsuit that you love?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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