7 Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

Woman holding her hat while she goes on a walk. This article covers how to make your life more exciting.

7 Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

When push comes to shove, just about everyone wants their life to be exciting, interesting, and richly rewarding in a variety of different ways.

After all, this is why we tend to identify with the protagonists of films, TV shows, and novels. It’s also why we have such romantic ideas – by and large.

Like things like adventure getaways, and even New Year’s resolutions. The ones that offer the promise of a greater degree of intentionality and thriving in our lives.

There are all sorts of things that people end up doing in order to add a bit of extra interest and excitement to their lives.

Certain entertainment options are always popular. Why else would there be several Major Championships in the Same Year?

Ultimately, though, truly living the most exciting and interesting life possible has a lot more to do with your everyday habits and routines.

Also, the way you choose to orient yourself towards the world, and the sorts of pastimes you engage in habitually.

Here are a few great ways to make your life more exciting and interesting.

Create a “Life List”

The concept of a “life list” involves writing down all the different things that you want to achieve, do, or experience over the course of your life.

Then taking proactive steps to realize these things, one at a time, as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Books such as “Creating Your Best Life: the Ultimate Life List Guide” do a fantastic job of summing up the concept.

It gives you advice on how best to create and take action to achieve the items on your life list. Whereas films such as “The Bucket List” highlight the same basic idea.

In life, we never know how much time we’ve got.

When we live purely on autopilot and go through the motions day by day, there is a real risk that we will find ourselves missing out on all sorts of fantastic opportunities.

Ones that we might otherwise have experienced, if only we had lived in a more intentional manner.

Creating your own “life list” can help to give you a clear sense of the things that you actually want to do.

Making a list gives you a much-needed dose of motivation, enthusiasm, and excitement. It can carry you forward and help you to live a life that is truly interesting and uplifting.

Of course, simply coming up with the list isn’t enough.

You then also have to take steps to actually cross items off that list as often as you can and without procrastination.

Work On Pursuing a Passion Project

Pursuing any project that you are genuinely passionate about can naturally enhance your everyday life.

There is something about working on a project that you genuinely find meaningful that can help to unlock deeper levels of energy.

Of course, passion projects are very individual. Perhaps for you, a great example of a passion project would be working on writing a novel or painting a masterpiece.

Or, maybe it would be starting up a business that you really believe in.

In many cases, it’s not so much the specific facts of what you do that have the greatest impact.

A passion project can truly serve as motivation for jumping out of bed in the morning.

Be Present in the Moment

According to Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge, author of the book “Silence In The Age of Noise,” a major reason why so many people find themselves disheartened is that they are never truly present at any given moment.

In order to actually find your life experiences exciting, you actually need to be present for them. This way, you can appreciate those moments wholeheartedly.

Avoid multitasking too much, and actually noticing what’s happening right in front of you.

Try New Hobbies Regularly

There’s a big and fascinating world out there. There are so many hobbies out there too.

Any time you become genuinely invested in a hobby, you unlock new avenues of interest and interest in your life.

Trying new hobbies on a regular basis can help you to learn more about all sorts of different things. It can also enhance your ability to see the world around you on a deeper level.

Stamp collecting, amateur astronomy, or restoring old cars—there is a lot of interest and excitement to be found!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As human beings, we all tend to lapse into unconsciousness to one degree or another. We end up just going through the motions and acting out our ingrained habits.

It can really end up making life seem a lot less magical, interesting, and exciting.

By cultivating a new habit of regularly stepping outside your comfort zone, you can discover new levels of your potential.

Don’t Be a Spectator

It is extremely easy to go through life almost entirely as a spectator. Public commentators have been warning against this trend for over a hundred years now.

Doing things yourself in a hands-on manner makes life richer.

Always be on the lookout for ways to become more of a participant than only a spectator in life.

This might mean actually visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty instead of only watching nature documentaries.

Join amateur sports classes instead of simply watching sports. Simply trying new things but, actually participate.

Engage with the World

The way you direct your attention towards the world has a significant impact on how you experience the world at large.

The psychologist and author Iain McGilchrist, writing in his highly acclaimed book “The Master and His Emissary,” argues that different ways of viewing the world are rooted in the different hemispheres of the brain. There are deeper underlying spiritual and philosophical forces at play.

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Specifically, McGilchrist argues that the right hemisphere tends to view the world as made up of “relationships” rather than “things.”

Shifting your attention can unlock a much richer and more interesting experience of everyday life.

Are you ready to make your life more exciting?

-Dr. Drayman

Woman holding her hat while she goes on a walk. This article covers how to make your life more exciting.

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