Christmas Cocktails You Can Try at Home

Glasses filled with beautiful cocktails and toppings that are festive for the Christmas season. Other Christmas items surround the drinks on a wooden table.

Christmas Cocktails You Can Try at Home

If you want to ramp up the festivities this Christmas, why not create your own delicious cocktails? Thanks to the interwebs and sights like mine, you’ll find hundreds of cocktail recipes you can try out.

If you want to stick to the most festive drinks, here we’ll reveal some of the top Christmas cocktails you can try at home.

The Snowball

Why not start with a classic Christmas cocktail – the Snowball? Typically made from lemonade, Advocaat and a touch of lime, this sweet drink symbolizes the festive period.

Advocaat is a traditional dutch drink that is similar to egg nog.

Traditionally, you’ll use one-part Advocaat and three-parts lemonade. It’s best served over ice and the easiest option is to purchase ready-made Advocaat.

However, it is possible to make your own with brandy, whipping cream, egg yolks, eggs and powdered sugar.

Bucks Fizz

Another classic you can make yourself is the Bucks Fizz cocktail. This is typically enjoyed on Christmas morning, and it consists of champagne mixed with orange juice.

It originally got its name from the Buck’s Club in London where it was invented.

If you don’t fancy splashing out on champagne, you can create the Paris inspired version known as a Mimosa cocktail.

This uses sparkling wine instead of champagne, mixed with orange juice.

White Christmas Margaritas

If you want to try something a little different this year, why not opt for the festively named White Christmas Margarita? It does need a few more ingredients than the others on the list and its alcohol of choice here is tequila and triple-sec.

It’s quite a sharp cocktail, comprising of unsweetened coconut milk, lime juice and cranberries.

However, this is balanced out by the sanding sugar used to decorate the rim of the glass.

You’ll find it pretty easy to create and the white sugar around the rim combined with the white colour from the coconut milk, gives it a snowy, festive look.

Merry Christmas cocktail

If gin is your preferred alcohol of choice, grab some gin miniatures and create the Merry Christmas cocktail. It needs very few ingredients, yet it produces a festive-inspired refreshing drink.

As well as gin, you’ll need lemon juice, cranberry juice and carbonated water. Finish by garnishing the top of the cocktail with fresh cranberries.

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No matter what type of alcohol you prefer, there’s a cocktail idea above you’re sure to enjoy.

These are just a small selection of festive cocktails you can try out at home. It’s a good idea to experiment before the big day to ensure you can make them suit your taste.

Try making them with different amounts of alcohol and consider swapping some ingredients if you don’t like the sound of some of them.

You could also try to create your very own Christmas inspired cocktail if you’re brave enough.

What is your fave Christmas cocktail that you enjoy during the holidays?

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Glasses filled with beautiful cocktails and toppings that are festive for the Christmas season. Other Christmas items surround the drinks on a wooden table. A banner reads, "Easy and delicious Christmas cocktails to try at home."

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