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Wordless/Wordful Wednesday: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas came early this year and last week the girls enjoyed Christmas the week before since we are doing some travelling. They both got one BIG gift and several little ones but, Christmas was low-key yet, memorable as always!

Merry Christmas

Gabby got a few DVD’s, tons of lip glosses, electric tooth brush and the biggest surprise of  all. An iPod touch that she’s been asking for for years. We got her expression on video because it was just TOO epic to miss!

Mimi got dolls, a shopping cart and what she’s been asking for all year, a play kitchen!!

It was a great holiday season and for us it is still in the works! I’m hoping you all have spent time with your loved ones and have been spoiled rotten with not only material things but, those of the heart.

Was Santa good to you this year?

Or were you on the naughty list?

Let me know, til next time—cheers m’deres!

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