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How Are You Doing?

Well, hello there. It’s been a little while since I’ve last blogged and more than happy to report, things are moving along swimmingly.

Ravishingly actually.

Work is good, I’m lucky and grateful to do what I do. With this failing economy, I’m more than grateful to have such a good job.

Pregnancy is going quite well if I might add.

I think I’m over the sickness part of it and I’m feeling a lot more energized and just generally, GOOD. I’m starting to show a bit now and although you can’t see it when I have scrubs on, in normal gear it’s there!

Ahhh, the joy it gives me though!

I’m more than lucky to have such a great hubby who has been there from the very second that we decided to have this little Jelly Bean and continues to support me 210% even through all these hormones!

I Adore Him and He is an Amazing Father

On other terms, Gabriella started SK this year, today actually, it’s completely bittersweet and difficult for me to accept that once again time is not on my side.

It’s inevitable that each day she is growing and not stopping at that.

She loved her first day and she’s doing great and she’s eager to get started. Thankfully to her retired teacher of a Grandpa, she’s a bit ahead of most and can do basic math and read small phrases. And OMG, she shocked me today when she busted out her guitar and started playing a few songs. She’s learned 4 chords so far and has retained it so well that I am in disbelief!

I’m a proud momma!

That’s My Little Update

Life is good so it’s quite brief. But, who along with me thinks that Kanye West is one of the biggest douches that has ever walked this earth? And there’s quite a few of them!

Poor girl, honestly…

I’m not a Swift fan but how can he ruin her moment of getting her FIRST VMA? I felt for her, she looked devastated… The funny part is that this didn’t concern him AT ALL…

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He should have complained that he didn’t win anything this year and went backstage throwing another hissy fit.

What a loser. Seriously.

So, apart from that little blurb… There is much to come these next few months, much to write about in this book that we call life.

A lot of chapters to close permanently thankfully!

Just gotta have a little faith!

Well, I’m gone! Tweet me all!

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