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New Misfits Dog Treats Are Here.
Treats that your furry friend will absolutely ADORE.

Doggies are man’s best friend, with that said–one of the things they specialize in is making you laugh. Does your fur baby do amazing tricks, chase his own tail and bring you the newspaper? Well, just like us, our dogs deserve yummy treats too!

Misfits has just unleashed tantalizing flavors and treats that your dog will go gaga over! There are Scruffy Bites (in Steak & Poutine and Man n’ Cheese flavor), Wonky Chomps (in Surfy Turkey and Cheeseburger) and Quirky Jerky (in Bacon & Peanut butter and Smoky Bacon Burger) – any dog would be in heaven! I think Misfits Treats knocked it out of the park with these flavors!

Watch It!

Though we don’t have a doggie right now, in the past, we used to find the zaniest and most savory treats for our old dog, Copper. He was an amazing friend, loyal, compassionate and definitely always put a smile on our faces. He was a very energetic dog and he would run in circles over and over, just to make us laugh! It sure worked! I am positive he would have loved these treats!

Make sure to check out the video above and see why you have to FEED the FUNNY! If you click the link in the video, you can make your own crazy and hilarious GIF puppy party! It is super cute! I am a dog person but, even if you aren’t, you’ll find these four-legged friends appealing!


Do you have a Misfit?

If you’re on Facebook, head on over to the Misfits Facebook page and upload your favorite picture of your fur baby and they may just win Puppy of The Month! A title you know that they deserve, right?

Dogs truly light up our lives with not only their crazy and funny antics but, with their warm love, empathy and loyalty.

Does your dog love his treats?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: This post has been sponsored by Misfits Dog Treats, all opinions expressed are solely my own and have not been influenced.

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  1. I don't have a dog but I did take a look at that webpage – I loved the dog or a kangaroo photo.

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