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CostumeSuperCenter.com Review!

Costume Super Center.

Costume Super Center!

My little Michaela Sofia is 13 months old now and even though she is growing, she’s still my little Bean. Though she has many a nickname such as Mimi, Meems, Gorda, Gordita, Fatty Girl, Bean Bean and because of a small similarity (if it’s humanly possible)…


Yes, Piglet.

Why you ask?

Well, she has those big, dark brown eyes that almost hide the entire whites of her eyes and she has a pinky complexion and yeah–that’s about it. But, of course, Piglet is super adorb and well, I think Mimi is super ADORB too! So her wardrobe has consisted of a lot of Piglet. LOL.

Well, the CostumeSuperCenter.com contacted me and asked me to review one of their costumes, I jumped at the chance! Who doesn’t want to dress up their baby in adorable costumes? Especially when they can’t complain or tell us not to! So, I looked through a huge selection of costumes, they have so many to choose from and they also have a sister company that makes costumes for adults. The prices are super affordable and great for any time of the year and even better for Halloween. I honestly didn’t see any kids costumes over $39.99 and the cheapest I saw for a Kung-Fu Panda costume was $7.97! They also ship to Canada, US, Australia and United Kingdom and offer same day shipping if you order before 3 PM EST. Right now they are offering free expedited shipping to Canada for a limited time!

I went to the Disney costumes section where you can find tons of awesome Disney character costumes and I found THE perfect costume for Mimi! If you are a big fan of Disney, you can find costumes in sizes for baby all the way up to your size.

Costume Super Center.


Costume Super Center.

Now, you gotta admit this is super adorable??

Right? Right!

I can’t help but gush when I see her dressed up. If you are looking for even more cute infant’s costumes, go here. There’s so many cute ones that I just want to buy them just to HAVE them. I kinda have to have some credit card restraint.

Well, the material of the costume is high-quality. You can tell as soon as you take it out of the package. The material is thick and soft on the outside, the stitching is perfect, especially where the ribbing appears on Piglet’s body.  The whole costume is fuzzy like a plush toy, I feel like I’m picking up a life-size Piglet when I pick Mimi up. Makes me melt. This particular costume’s size ranges from 12 months and up so it can fit kids of all sizes.

Most importantly it’s very warm and the hood is lined with a silky material which is perfect for repelling sweat. The likeness to the actual Disney character is well done. The eyes are finely stitched and the cheeks are actually stuffed making the cheeks puffy.  The zipper is sewn in a way that it is almost unnoticeable and it zips all the way up for maximum coverage. Luckily, it is still a bit big for her and I can’t wait for Halloween so she can sport it outside and she will still be able to keep warm. Oh and can’t forget, the floppy ears and that pointy little Piglet snout makes the costume complete. Speaking of ears, that is the only thing I would change–it would be even cuter if they had some wire in it and you could adjust them to stick straight up but, other than that the costume is perfect!

I had to snap a few more pictures to show you how much she enjoyed playing in it!

Well, if you are looking for a place to get cute costumes for your kids for any occasion, Halloween or just for playing dress-up SuperCostumeCenter.com is the place to get it. I picked out the Disney Piglet costume and recieved it in the same week. Shipping was super fast and it came just as it was pictured on the website.

I’m so over the moon with the costume and I’m very pleased with the quality.

Make sure to check them out on their site and order your Halloween costume early while you’re at it! *wink*

Look out for their specials and clearance section too! I’m definitely going to order our costumes from there. Probably going to do a whole matching theme this year!

What your kids being this Halloween?




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  1. OHMIGOSH! Is that not TOTALLY super cute!? Wow! What a fun costume! She's just so adorable in it!!! LUV it!

  2. So cute! Sierra had a lot of piglet things. Her snow suit when she was one was a piglet one. It had little ears and everything! 🙂

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