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Dentelle Bebe: Gorgeous Christening Gowns and Precious Accessories for Boys and Girls. #fashion


Christening Gowns for Boys and Girls.

When you choose to christen your child and place them under a higher blessing, it is definitely one of the most important days of your life and that of your little one. Even if you don’t fall under a particular creed, these gowns are made to celebrate any special occasion or special event.

Momentous occasions like that deserve truly one of a kind  gowns, outfits and accessories that will make your bundle of joy shine in every way.

Enter Dentelle Bebe.

Dentelle Bebe is founded by two sisters who are Canadian but, were raised in Europe. Thus, they have mixed a modern style with the European fashion they got to know well. In their amazing tradition, their daughters were christened in the same gowns that they themselves were baptized in. For their sons, they hand-knitted their gowns and with that–a business was born.


About Dentelle Bebe:

They’ve created exclusive and elegant christening outfits for boys and girls. They are a breathtaking combination of modern style mixed with European traditions, for something quite extraordinary and beautiful. 100% handmade to perfection, from the timeless and intricate art of hand crocheting to the delicately hand crafted little details like pearl beads, silk ribbons, or sophisticated little flowers.


Attention to Detail.

Dentelle Baby are very particular when it comes to each and every garment that they create. They only use the highest quality natural materials which include 100% cotton yarn and 100% silk. Using the traditional and intricate art of hand-crocheting they begin creating your work of art. Hand-crocheting is what makes their outfits so strikingly beautiful.

They prefer using the crocheting technique as it gives them the freedom to create patterns and designs that are one-of-a-kind, giving your little angel something distinct and special that has never seen before! I’ve always truly admired this art and to see it done with so much love and care, it is a huge selling point for me.


A Stitch at A Time.

Crocheting is a very delicate art, doing one stitch at a time, painstakingly creating each exceptional design to perfection. One dress, can take up to 10 days to make. With the end result being something absolutely spectacular.

Every single item, whether a gown or booties or even a delicate rose, are completely handcrafted. The detail blows me away, each stitch is perfectly placed and every adornment and Czech pearl makes the gowns gorgeous.




Soft and Comfy.

These outfits are made to be easily put on and taken off, they are lightweight and soft. Dentelle Bebe makes these one of a kind pieces that will last for generations to come. You certainly get your money’s worth, simply because they become a family heirloom.

They make gorgeous, hand-crafted accessories and christening outfits for boys and christening dresses for girls. I would have loved to have such beautiful pieces as heirlooms to keep and pass down.

One of the best things about these breathtaking gowns is that they can be used for any special occasion or event and doesn’t just have to be reserved for christening. I may just have to get one for my youngest because I simply adore the intricacy of hand-crocheting, the elegance of pearls and the allure of ribbon.

If you are looking for christening gowns where no two are ever the same, check out Dentelle Bebe. You can follow @DentelleBebe on Twitter and like them on Facebook, here. If you’re a pinner, they’re on Pinterest and you can follow them, here.

Did you use or do you want to use a christening gown for your child?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. those are exquisite. seriously. beautiful! our oldest was baptized in the dress my hubby's sister was baptized in. my other 2 were two and four when they were baptized and didn't wear traditional baptism clothes
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  2. This is an absolutely lovely gown! Love the attention to detail.
    My son was Christened in my original gown and that made it extra special.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! That is some incredible detailing. I love the little booties!
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  4. That's beautiful. I think it is cool that they use crocheting to create unique designs. The shoes are absolutely adorable!

  5. I have been learning to crochet and am so impressed with the time and beauty put in to this gown. I simply cannot imagine.
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  6. These are gorgeous christening outfits. I love the tiny little shoes!
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  7. I absolutely love that knit gown. It makes me want a baby again. Wait? What? No, no that's wrong. It makes me wish this had been around when my kids were younger 🙂

  8. so beautiful, for my first born we used a family heirloom, but i'd like to purchase something for my second born's upcoming christening and start a new heirloom. i'm checking this site out asap. thank you!
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  9. Oh wow, these are gorgeous! Reminds me of outfits my parents had for my older brothers and sisters, ones which I really wanted for my own babies. Love seeing that these are coming back with all the loving touches like before!

  10. This dress is beautiful. The details are amazing.
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  11. These are gorgeous. The details in the crochet work is amazing. I love that they are soft and comfy and still easy to come on and off.

    1. That is always a plus, they come with hooks and ribbons and such to make for easy on and off.

  12. Ohh My.. what a beautiful gown.. I have not seen one like this since I left Germany and my mom made a similar one for my kids back in the day.. I'm in love with this.. soo beautiful… thanks for sharing

  13. These outfits are so delicate and precious! We used a family heirloom christening outfit but, if we hadn't, something from this site would have been special!

  14. We have been using the same gown since the early 60’s for all family members to use,there have been to many for me to count up .It’s a great family tradition.

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